Meet Bennett Edward- Virginia Newborn Photographer

This family won you over the last two times they were on the blog, first with Jack’s 2 year old pictures, then again for Brooke’s maternity session! I got SO many comments from you all about that session! It was one of my all time favorite maternity sessions, so if you missed it make sure you go back and check it out! Now I am thrilled to introduce you to Jack’s baby brother, Bennett! I told Brooke and Alex that Bennett was going to be a breath of fresh air in between all these baby girls on the blog :0)  Jack is so good with Bennett, already sharing his toys and everything! Bennett is as sweet as can be, and he already has everyone (myself included!) wrapped around his little finger just like his big brother! :0)

Jack picked out this little lion at the toy store specifically for Bennett :0) img_8840img_8857Jack got to go to the farm with his grandma and grandpa so we could focus on Bennett for the majority of the session.. I think thats a win, win for all involved :0) img_8962img_8974img_9007img_9053Most babies don’t handle being moved around every few minutes for pictures very well, but Bennett would always just settle in just about where ever we put him and fall back asleep :0) I love these ones of him on the dresser, love the color and his little hat!
img_9062img_9107img_9149img_9156I LOVE these ones of Brooke and Alex with Bennett.. couldn’t pick just one!
img_9217img_9230i love how Bennett looks like he’s smiling too :0) img_9256we were talking about Jack and Bennett looking alike, and if Bennett is going to have Jack’s darker skin tone and coloring. They were saying how he already has such dark eyes even after just the first day, but his eyes seem to match his dad’s shirt in this picture as just a real deep blue :0) what do you think?? think he will stay blue eyed or have dark eyes like his mama and brother? img_9287img_9421img_9501img_9527look who came back from the farm just in time for one last picture! :0) img_9549Can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

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  1. Julie Tennant says:

    I love the pics, of course with such a great looking family it is hard not to. The one with all three of them is great, I love how Alex is looking at Brooke, so much love in his eyes.

  2. Aleece says:

    Amazing Pictures and such a beautiful family! Can’t wait to meet that sweet baby boy!

  3. Brooke Brame says:

    Jessie, again we had a blast shooting this session. A little more laid back than usual-the pictures are amazing and you are making it impossible to choose which will hang on my walls:)

  4. I just love these! SO precious!

  5. Holly Aber says:

    I have been waiting to see the new little man, and now I can’t wait to meet him! As always Jessie, you did a wonderful job! I love how you capture these little moments!

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