Jason and Kristin are expecting! – Virginia Beach Maternity Photographer

Not only are they expecting, but they’re expecting TWINS! I’m beyond excited to photograph their two little ones for the next year :0) When Kristin first contacted me a few months ago, I wanted to go ahead and schedule her maternity session well in advance of her due date incase the babies came early, and so that she would feel comfortable moving all around for the session.. well Kristin is only about a month and a half away from her due date and she looks AMAZING! She and Jason are going to be such fun parents :0) img_9570apple trees, kisses on the nose, and perfect evening light.. what could be better? i was a happy girl :0) img_9573love! img_9663img_9684this next one very well could be the favorite.. but then again, i’m not even half way through the blog post.. maybe i’ll wait a little longer to pick a favorite :0) img_9702img_9721img_9758When I was giving Kristin some ideas on little props to bring along I suggested something that had the babies names on them or their initials or something like that if they had names picked out. Well, Kristin and Jason don’t know if their having boys, girls, or one of each! So at this point the doctors have just named the babies “A” and “B”.. so thats what she brought :0) img_9814img_9840img_9867Jason was a trooper and only had ONE picture request.. Hey Jason, this one is for you ;0) img_9883img_9934img_9954Their families, however, have opted for different nick names for the babies instead of “A” and “B”… Fric and Frac! They even have little onesies for the babies with Fric and Frac on them :0) img_9976img_0046img_0101a house divided… at least they can each claim one baby to be on their side ;0) img_0132now THIS one is definitely a favorite :0) img_0150img_0198img_0222img_0264Congratulations again! Can’t wait to meet Fric and Frac ;0)

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  3. The Allen Family says:

    Kristin and Jason these pictures are FANTASTIC!!! We loved them all and could not pick a favorite. These babies are so very lucky to have such GREAT parents.

  4. Marilyn Cortellini says:

    Kristin and Jason, You both look wonderful! I especially love the last picture on the park bench – Kristin you look so happy and Jason is looking at you and holding you so tenderly. It’s priceless! Congratulations and lots of love.

  5. Nancy Kurz says:

    What a great way to remember these special moments. You will have something to treasure forever!

  6. Anna Sofia says:

    These are simply fantastic photos what a great thing to have

  7. FSIL says:

    Soon to be official SIL – Love the pics! So excited for both of you but more than anything can’t wait to start A & B’s shoe collection :) (and don’t worry – even if they are both boys I’ll work it out!)

  8. Theresa says:

    Kritin & Jason, The pictures are absolutley beautiful, and I am so happy for you both!

  9. Shannon says:

    Finally some pregnancy pictures and they are INCREDIBLE!!! I love the “A” and “B” and Fric and Frac! You two (four) look so happy!

  10. Tracy LoAlbo says:

    Kristin’s father sent along this website to me and I absolutely LOVE these pictures. I only wish that I had pictures of myself and my husband while I was preganant!! Best of luck to both of you and many blessings. Enjoy these pics for years to come!!

  11. cute!!!! love your favorite:)

  12. Toni says:

    These pictures are amazing!! You look so good…you do too Jason… I love the A&B, and the Fric & Frac. The jerseys are a riot. I love the black & white one with the jerseys!!

  13. Lorraine Pasieka says:

    I’m routing for the NY GIANT Baby Boy – hey, someone has to replace Manning in about 18 years.
    Kristin, you are BEAUTIFUL. And, you will be a great Mom – you have great role models. Thank you for sharing the pictures with me. Congratulations to Jason and Kristin, Toni and Charlie!!!!!! Love you – Lorraine

  14. Sondra Palchinsky says:

    These are SO wonderful…I love them! Jessie – You’ve captured some amazing moments, Jason + Kristin will treasure these.

    Kristin you look absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you both! Can’t wait to see you soon…xoxo

  15. Caitlin says:

    These pictures are beautiful!!! i can’t wait for my future God baby to come:) love you both!

  16. Robert Van Arsdale says:

    What great photography! And who is the stunt double for Jason??

  17. Samantha says:

    KC & Jason- These pictures are truly one of a kind!!! KC-you look so beautiful and I am so excited for you both. My favorites are of course the football jersey photos! I won’t comment on the teams LOL… CONGRATS to you both and I can’t wait to meet babies A & B!

  18. Wade Palmer says:

    Wade Palmer – Kristin, you don’t know me at all and Jason, we’ve talked a few times over the years (though you may not recall), but I’ve known Charlie and, as an extension, Toni, since long before either of you were born and I’m so jealous they’ve beat me to the ‘grandfather’ stage! And twins to boot!! If those twins look anything like the two of you, they’ll be beautiful! And you have so much to look forward to! What a great family and am very proud and excited for the both of you!

    The best of luck, health and happiness to all four of you!!

    Wade Palmer

  19. Love the pics! I still can’t get past the comment that grandpa is speechless. Who knew that could happen? Congrats to you both and your families!!

  20. Jennifer Sofia says:

    Kristin and Jason, These pictures are absolutely GREAT!!! It really is so hard to pick a favorite!!! I love them ALL! Cant wait until I get to meet these two precious babies!!

  21. Patricia says:

    These pics are awesome !! Love love love the one of your hands on your belly with A and B off to the sides !! You look beautiful girl !!! Can’t wait to meet the cuties !

  22. Jessie Valentine says:

    Beautiful pictures! Can’t believe you have two babies in there…you look awesome!!! And they will be here before you know it.

  23. kathy meeink says:

    These pictures are beautiful!! You both look great but especially you Kristin. Can’t wait to see the babies.

  24. Regina Armeli says:

    What beautiful pictures the perfect setting……..I think the ones of you and Jason in the football jersey are great and love the Fric and Frac ones come to think of love them all impossible to pick a favorite!!!.Aunt Regina

  25. Rachel says:

    LOVE these! KCN – you are gorgeous… my fave is the one of you two on the bench & you’re giving him a super cute, sneaky smile. The A & B shot comes in a close second.
    Hope you see you soon! -Rachel

  26. Charlie Cortellini says:

    Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! As my family will tell you, I always have something to say……I am now speechless!!

  27. Debra Weingarten says:

    Kristin, Jason & Jessica these pictures are awesome…I can’t wait to see the baby pictures. As a birth nurse who has taken many pictures on disposable cameras it is wonderful to look at “Real” beautiful pictures. Keep em coming, Aunt Debbie

  28. Danielle says:

    Love the pics!!! You look so great, KC! Can’t wait to see pics of the little ones! :)

  29. Jenni Edwards says:

    Kristin and Jason……….These are some great pictures. Love the FRIC and FRAC ones. Congrats!!!!! I am so very happy for you both! JUST WONDERFUL!

  30. Kristin says:

    Jessie – THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love, love, love the pictures! There is no way I am going to be able to pick a favorite!!! You rock!

  31. Jill says:

    The “double trouble” idea was so cute. I can’t believe she’s only a month and a half away from having twins, talk about looking incredible!

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