Ajith and Catherine- Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

The first time I heard about Catherine was well over two years ago. Her sister Ashleigh had recently gotten engaged, and being the fabulous sister that she is, she was helping her research photographers for their wedding day. Catherine stumbled across my site and sent Ashleigh my way almost immediately. I fell in love with this family last year at Ashleigh and Dan’s beautiful fairytale wedding and Ashleigh told me on her wedding day that everyone was hoping Ajith was getting ready to pop the question sometime in the near future.. and sure enough, here was the comment that Catherine left last June on Ashleigh and Dan’s wedding post: “Jessie– The photos were breathtaking. . .really perfect. And guess what? Ajith and I got engaged the day after Ashleigh’s wedding. . .so perhaps you’ll be seeing us all again ;)” I couldn’t have been more thrilled for the two of them! Now its their turn and they are planning a fabulous New Years Day celebration in DC and I’m SO excited to be the one to document it!! Ajith and Catherine are both working to finish up residency, and you can tell that despite their insane schedules and long hours that they are each others biggest fan and support system, and its beautiful to see! :0)
img_5399img_5406img_5418img_5476img_5527img_5601I know these next two are pretty similar, but I couldn’t pick which one I liked better :0) img_5723img_5725img_5776Catherine you are GORGEOUS! love this one :0) img_5802img_5833This is the exact spot where Ajith asked Catherine to marry him, so it seemed fitting that we did the majority of their pictures right here :0) img_5966img_6030img_6053img_6064img_6089img_6156img_6326img_6390img_6454img_6504Happy Thursday!! :0)

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  1. Ashleigh and Dan says:

    You perfectly captured the beautiful essence of Catherine and Ajith! We cannot wait to celebrate with you very soon! Love, Ashleigh and Dan

  2. Cindy Hayduk says:

    You always find the best locations to take pictures!

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