the bright spot of the week

There’s a part of me that is tempted to print this blog entry out and save it for the next time I even THINK about looking at new houses. The past two weeks have been completely crazy, and I’m sure some of that is to be expected when you’re talking about a major life transition, but I’m not sure I anticipated THIS much. I’ve had people come into my house at least 10 times in the last two weeks needing to repair something or deliver furniture and I keep wondering how people do this who don’t work from home?! My mom has been beyond wonderful in helping with all the little things that just seem to overwhelm me, and I’m determined to never get too busy that I can’t take an hour of the day and meet her for lunch. and now that I’ve posted that on the internet for the world to see, she will expect all of you to hold me to that as well :0) I keep telling myself, oh next week will be back to normal.. welllll, maybe the week after that? just not today. today I’m eating pretzels for lunch, because my kitchen is covered in drop clothes, drywall dust, and splashes of paint, and pretzels were all i could access.

Despite all of that, I was reminded last night for the millionth time how awesome my clients are, and how lucky I am that they continue to bless me with their friendship long after the wedding is over. I know I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite parts of this job is having clients turn into good friends that I get to spend time with.. and leave the camera at HOME! :0) Well Ashley and I have decided that “girls night out” for her and I is going to become a monthly activity! She and I got to spend time together last night so we could grab dinner and I could give her a quick tour of my (still very incomplete!) new home! She and Scooter were SO thoughtful, having just bought a new house themselves, and generously gave me a gift certificate to one of my FAVORITE stores! HomeGoods! If you haven’t found a home goods store around you, you need to track one down asap! they’re wonderful! Ash and Scooter, thank you so SO much for your friendship and I can’t wait to have you BOTH over (yes thats right, Scooter you’re invited next time! ;0) ) once I get settled!! love you both!

img_9971Ashley and I were talking about this image last night and how much we both loved it, so I thought I’d share it again with you :0) and just for a quick trip down memory lane, make sure you check out the rest of their pictures! Wedding part I, Wedding part II, Bridal Portraits, Day After part I, AND Day After part II!!!! seriously, can’t get enough of these two :0)
img_2245Thanks again for brightening my week!! :0) Happy Friday!

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