John and Abby- Virginia Wedding Photographer

I knew from the moment John and Abby sat down in my living room that they were people I wanted to hang out with. So full of life, and content just to be together. They sat and told me their story and all the plans they were dreaming up for the wedding day, but they knew that the important thing at the end of the day was that they would be married and get to be together forever, and nothing else mattered so much. Sure they could bring in fun details, find an amazing dress, and dance to a great band, but what they were looking forward to most was just being married. When we walked around for their engagement session, I knew that it was the perfect location for their wedding because it had so much of THEM in it, but I never could have imagined just how much they could transform it to be one of the most gorgeous venues I’ve ever shot at! They attribute it all to their family and friends who selflessly agreed to help them get ready for the big deal, and I think thats a testimony to just how dearly loved John and Abby are and how much their family and friends believe in them and their marriage! It was an absolutely PERFECT early fall day, and I’m so thrilled Michelle and I were able to be the ones to photograph it! Make sure you check Michelle’s blog for even more pictures! John and Abby, thanks for being so wonderful and for loving each other so well :0)

It was an absolutely gorgeous September day! The kind of early fall day that I would be content with having all year long!
img_6652loved the few leaves just beginning to fall:
img_6662img_6716Remember my sweet friend Megan from a few weeks ago? Well she definitely wins the award for best maid of honor/sister ever.. she and her husband John are expecting a baby boy at the beginning of October! Doesn’t she look amazing?!img_6739LOVE this one! I think for most brides, the moment you slip the dress on is when it reeeeally hits you that you’re about to get married, and as you can see Abby was nothing but excited! :0)img_6820Abby’s brother walked her down the aisle, and i love how she is looking at him in this one!img_7021I think its safe to say John was pretty excited too: img_7039img_7223my absolute favorite from the day! this has got to be one of my favorite ceremony shots of all time- nothing but joy here! :0)img_7280 this is such a story telling moment! Abby was so excited that she totally forgot to grab her flowers back from Megan before she and John walked back down the aisle.. clearly, Megan is not so happy about it :0) Love how the pastor is laughing in the back too! As for John and Abby? yeah they don’t seem to miss the flowers too much ;0) img_7286fun little detail shot: img_7403seriously these two were all smiles the entire afternoon :0) makes my job SUPER easy! img_7766img_7789love this one! img_7791img_7833img_7860img_7890another favorite.. huge canvas above your bed? yes, please!! img_7949img_7975Remember John and Abby’s little garden they planted from their engagement session? Well it is HUGE now! Everything has grown so much, so it was only fitting that we took a few there too! img_8035img_8044they completely transformed their little picnic pavilion into one of the most gorgeous reception sites I’ve ever seen! they restored the whole thing, and did all the decorating themselves with the help of their amazing family and friends, and I dont know about you but I think their hard work totally paid off! loved it! img_6638img_6582img_6593img_8316img_8332img_8172img_8659HA! can’t you see it in his eyes now? she didn’t stand a chance ;0) that cake was going all over her face in a matter of seconds! img_8872img_9004 Congratulations again! Here’s your slideshow!

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  1. Trish says:

    what flowers were her bouquet made from?! I’m in love!!!

  2. Jen says:

    I love the venue! Gorgeous!

  3. Catherine Porter says:

    I love their colors :)! I wonder why? & the reception site is a lot like what i’ll be working with…taking notes…

  4. Lee and Willie says:


  5. Melany Price says:

    these are so GREAT! she was an absolute gorgeous bride! :)

  6. aunt lizzi says:

    WOW! I want to marry my honey all over again and have you do my wedding! :-)

  7. evelyn says:

    these are so great! i love the one’s with their rings on the wood, aaaaaand the one on them on the bench. soooo good!!!!!

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