The Thomas Family- Herndon VA Family Photographer

One of my favorite things about this time of year are all the families I get to see for holiday pictures! I love that I get to see a lot of the same families year after year and see how much the kids have grown. Well this year I have a handful of families that I’m meeting for the first time, and I fell in love with the Thomas family right away. They have three girls under the age of 4, so I showed up to their session ready to play! The girls kept me laughing the entire time and I hope they become another family that I get to see each year!

First, there’s four year old Neena who fills her roll as the oldest sister with such love and patience:
img_6095Three year old Christi has the sweetest demeanor, so content just to be with everyone:
img_6116and one year old Jocelyn (aka Joey) is just bursting with personality :0) she’s gotta be able to keep up with her big sisters somehow! img_5934this one cracked me up too much not to share.. such an accurate portrait of the baby of the family dying to do what her big sisters can do ;0)img_5974img_6111img_6200goodness gracious these girls are photogenic! img_6321you can tell they are best buddies :0)img_6337img_6357secrets, secrets… img_6377img_6435img_6575i always try and squeeze in a couple portraits of just mom and dad, every couple needs some great pictures together! img_6676we picked a location where the girls could just run and enjoy themselves. we moved over into this big field and I asked Shibu and Anit to simply play with their girls, and all of these pictures are the result of that :0) You don’t always need to stage a picture to get great shots! I would have never gotten some of these real moments if I had tried to stage every second! img_6913img_7070sometimes you need a little hand up… aaand other times you need to hang on tight! ;0) img_7087LOVE this one :0) img_7106img_7142the girls were so happy just to run and play! img_7168img_7179and every now and then we try to get in a more traditional one like this: img_7237but even so, sometimes i end up liking ones like this even better ;0) img_7260this was definitely my favorite few moments of the session… Christi found this little dandelion and she was so excited to make her wish! soo she blew on it, and nothing happened. so she blew on it a little harder and closed her eyes a little tighter. it didn’t budge. so at first she laughed along with Anit and I as she huffed and puffed and tried with all her might to make something happen, then after a few minutes of this she finally turned her back to her mom and I, and yanked the dandelion apart with her hands! hey, you don’t mess around with wishes!! ;0) img_7386c’mon, this is some SERIOUS wishing going on right here… and what do you think she wished for that was so darn important? a barbie, of course! ;0) img_7388sweet Joey :0)img_7432img_7589img_7629I’ll end with another favorite: img_7832Thanks so much for sharing your girls with me for the evening! Hope to see you all again soon! :0)

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  1. Jessy says:

    Great pics…..beautiful family.

  2. carola ron says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! And models :D

  3. David D'Amato says:

    Great shots! I love how each shot captures a little bit of life with 3 daughters.

  4. Jackie skolnick says:

    Beautiful! Amazing pictures!!!! I love every single one; what a beautiful family! :)

  5. Madrid Jacques says:

    Those are the most beautiful pictures! I’ve met the girls once before and their beauty and angelic faces were perfectly captured!
    God bless the Thomas Family!!!!

  6. Leslie Baby says:

    These are precious photos !!!! Girls are adorable and growing up so fast ! Xoxo

  7. Bianca says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I can just “feel” the love in looking at these pictures.

  8. Murielle says:

    AMAZING pictures – Thank you for sharing these beautiful and happy family moments!

  9. Anit says:

    Jessie you captured all of us so well I have no idea how we will pick which ones to print! Thank you, I know the girls had a wonderful time working/playing with you.

  10. Lara Morello says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  11. Joanne says:

    Beautiful family and amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Pathrose, Ulahannan says:

    The pictures of my children and grand children of Thomas & Family is very good. It is very professional, thank you.


  13. Paula says:

    What beautiful photos!!!! The shots are so naturally beautiful. Kudos to Jeessie. Shibu and Anit-you are blessed to have such a lovely family.

  14. Sheeba says:

    The Thomas Family looks amazing! The pictures really captured the family and all of their amazing features and personailities. Great job!!

  15. Debbie says:

    Love the photos!!! My favorite is probably the one with Jocelyn pointing up to her big sisters. I love that all the pictures aren’t staged…it shows more of their personalities.

  16. Shonna Thibodeau says:

    Fabulous! beautiful natural setting. Photos are full of life and engaging. Of course the subjects are so great looking anyway!

  17. john says:

    gorgeous photos!!

  18. Jennifer Cain Blanto says:

    I LOVE this family! They are just as adorable and fantastic as they appear in these photographs. What a wonderful session! It captures them so perfectly!

  19. Cindy Hayduk says:

    This is so cute! The three girls remind me of me and my two sisters!! :) Great job!

  20. sharon says:

    wow what a beautiful family!!! great job jessie!!!

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