the story of the couch that wouldn’t fit

I wouldn’t really consider myself a shopper. I don’t find myself wandering around the mall very often, and don’t spend a ton of money on little things. I typically get it in my mind what I need to get, and I look until I find it. So when I purchased a home and needed to fill an entire living and dining room worth of furniture, I looked through hundreds of pictures on the southern living’s website and found a couch I loved, and I was determined to find it. After a solid day of multiple furniture stores, I finally found the one I had been looking for at Ethan Allan. A gorgeous camelback loveseat in the color I wanted was just sitting there waiting for me. I placed the order and that was that, in 8-12 weeks my living room would be complete!

So delivery day came around and I made sure there was a clear path from the steps to the spot in the living room that had a sofa shaped hole in it. About 15 minutes go by, couch cushions have been brought in and furniture pads have been laid on the ground.. but the delivery guys were no where to be found. I walk downstairs to find them with my sofa standing upright on the stairs landing with one on either side and they look stuck. Completely and utterly stumped at how to proceed. You see, according to them if I had gotten a couch with detachable legs, it would be no problem. If I had picked out a nice sleeper sofa, instead of the camelback, they could get it up my steps piece-of-cake. I tell them time and time again that they had gotten plenty of huge pieces of furniture in and out of that house before, so surely they could manage one little loveseat… not the case. They insisted that the only way to get it inside the house would be for them to hoist the sofa up the side of my house and bring it in through the deck. was that thought just a little terrifying? umm, you bet.

I sat in my car and had a minor panic attack as i watched this happen.. so whats a girl to do, but take a picture! hey at least then i would have documented proof if the whole thing did come crashing down! nicole, this is for you:
img_8962thankfully the couch made it in alive! I’m going to fight Ethan Allan to reimburse me the extra delivery fee I had to pay those guys, because after all that hassle, I measured the couch and found out that if they had just turned the couch the other way, it would have fit through the stairwell juuuuuust fine. go figure!

I know so many of you have asked for more pictures of my place, and I’m so excited to show it off soon! its alllllmost ready :0) but for now here’s a little preview and some pretty flowers that my sweet Lauren and her mama Julie brought me as a house warming gift :0) img_8941Happy Monday!

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  2. This is crazy!! And your balcony is so scary!!!

  3. Ahhhhh!!!!!!! I’m so happy you posted this. Also, I want to come over every time you get a new piece of furniture just so I can see the progress!

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