Meet Benjamin- Northern Virginia Family Photographer

When I first made the decision to move up to northern virginia, one of my biggest fears/prayers was about fellowship and friends. I always had the best community all throughout college and during my time in Newport News, and I literally had just one or two close friends that I knew of up in the northern virginia area. Its been so sweet to see God’s hand all over that part of my life! Since I moved home I’ve been able to reconnect with Quinn, one of my oldest friends (we’re talking 6th grade singing and dancing group friends.. don’t judge the outfits.. and yes, i know they weren’t cool even then) and it has been such a blessing to get to spend time with her and her family! Some of my favorite memories from middle and high school involve her family, and I have loved getting to see them all now that they’re all grown up! This handsome little man is my new friend Benjamin, Quinn’s son, and he’s about to turn 1! So I was excited to be able to take a couple pictures of him the other morning when we got together to celebrate his first birthday! Isn’t he so sweet?!?!
img_4853img_4868I absolutely cannot get enough of his little wispy curls in the back! Adorable! img_4874img_4894img_4914definitely a favorite :0)
img_4917i love catching ones like this, where even though in the rest of the pictures he’s a big one year old, ones like this that show his chubby cheeks and curls still remind you he’s still a baby :0) img_4930haha i couldn’t resist ;0) img_4931img_4937img_4947Ben loves to read… love this one with his little book and little smile :0) img_5116img_5133img_5178looove this one of Ben and his pretty mama: img_5179their pup Jesse  was determine to be in some of these photos, although it doesn’t look like Ben was so crazy about his puppy kisses..
img_5180as he proceeded to wipe them immediately off his cheek… img_5181and tell Jesse to leave him alone during story time! img_5182Quinn’s husband Jonathan wore shoes just like this on their first date :0) img_5239img_5296img_5308Happy Friday! :0) Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Sydnee Calderwood says:

    So beautiful! You captured his personality exactly. Wonderful!

  2. Cindy Hayduk says:

    Like I have told you… I cannot wait for you to be the one to take pictures of my baby… when I finally have one :) These pictures are great, my favorite is the one where it looks like the dog is reading the book too :)

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