Kinsleigh Grace: 1 Year! – Virginia Family Photographer

I’m pretty sure this smiley girl from 6 months ago left a very lasting impression on all of you blog readers, since I had SO so many people approach me to tell me how irresistibly cute she is: img_3437
Well miss Kinsleigh Grace is back! She just had her 1st birthday, so it was time for another session to document how much she’s grown and seriously, she’s cuter than ever! Such a happy baby and so full of personality! AND her mama is expecting a baby brother for Kinsleigh! So we packed in tons of cute outfit changes into this session, since we’ll probably have to simplify things once baby Hudson comes along ;0) Kristin is so thoughtful and creative and brought along the cutest outfits and little props for Kinsleigh’s session! It makes me so happy when my clients get excited about their session and put lots of thought into things like that :0) I’m even more impressed with how organized Kristin was considering they were MOVING the next day, oh and did I mention they drove up from North Carolina?? Thats dedication right there! Kristin, thank you so much for making time to hang out with me and my camera in the midst of life’s craziness! Thanks for sharing your sweet girl with me, she’s one of my all time favorite subjects to  photograph :0) Can’t wait to meet baby Hudson! img_8597img_8613img_8616img_8672seriously, she was just all smiles the entire time!! So sweet! img_8726So there were these yucky looking black things on the ground that Kinsleigh was fascinated with, and we tried to distract her with something else every time she picked one up, but this little smile was too cute not to share: img_8809cute, cute, CUTE!img_8815definitely a favorite :0) img_8822img_8851img_8930img_8957img_9051oh you know, just talkin with her little owl friend :0)
img_9092img_9116img_91591she wanted to share everything with us.. leaves, grass, even cake! hopefully that trend sticks around when Hudson enters the picture ;0) img_9220img_9226I don’t think her session would have been complete without a birthday tutu! :0) img_9405img_9519img_9555that picture on the right? that was the last thing that happened before the balloon popped right out from under her, scaring her half to death and resulting in a major face plant in the grass :0( we laughed, she cried, it was hilarious and absolutely pitiful all at the same time :0) img_9698but don’t worry, some cake helped put that smile back on her face :0) she was cracking me up with her foot, apparently she did not want to get dirty because once she got that little bit of icing on her foot she would NOT set it back down on the ground until someone wiped it off! img_9807img_98371img_9880img_9979Happy Birthday sweet Kinsleigh! Can’t wait to see you again and meet your baby brother! :0)

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  1. Catherine Porter says:

    the pictures of cake crack me up. what a happy little girl!

  2. steph says:

    Jessie this little girl is adorable! you photographed her wonderfully!

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