WPPI Shoot Out with Justin and Mary!

I am SO excited to be joining literally thousands of other photographers in just a few short weeks out in Las Vegas for the third year in a row for the annual WPPI conference! Its something I look forward to every year; I leave there excited, inspired, and challenged. When I was booking my plane tickets I made sure to look at the schedule and make sure that I planned my arrival/departure right so I wouldn’t miss anything important! Well when I saw that Justin and Mary’s platform talk “How to be a Rainmaker” was set for Thursday morning at 9AM, I immediately set my flight search to Thursday NIGHT so I wouldn’t miss a minute of their talk! This is the PERFECT way to wrap up the week, so if you’re going to be at WPPI come join us before you head out on Thursday! :0)

In an industry when it seems like so many photographers are desperate to hold on to their “secrets of success”, Justin and Mary give so freely and have changed the way I see my clients, I work with other vendors, and have made me fall even more in love with what I get to do. On top of all that, they are generously holding a shoot-out for 20 lucky photographer while we’re all in Vegas! I would absolutely LOVE the chance to watch them in action and shoot with them, as every time I’m around them I walk away having learned so much. The first time I met them was at their Spread the Love tour last January (side note, if you can’t make it to WPPI, you have GOT to get a ticket to Spread the Love! By far the best workshop I’ve attended!) and I remember walking up to Mary after their talk last year at WPPI only two months later and telling her how the things she and Justin shared that I’ve implemented have ALREADY changed my business in just a few short months!! Seriously, you wanna be friends with these two… :0)

My notebook is all ready for round two at WPPI this year.. I’m fairly certain that I’ve got at least 6 pages of typed up J&M wisdom from Spread the Love and another 3 pages from their “Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason” talk last year, and  I can’t wait to add to it this year :0) please excuse the TERRIBLE handwriting! Can’t wait to see you guys soon! :0)

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  1. Terresa Shaw says:

    I think your handwriting is cute! ;)

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