great day. great friends.

Right after Christmas we got to spend a day with some of our favorite people in the world, The McCawley Family! Remember them from our Disney girls weekend back in October 2009? They were in town visiting family and we got to steal them for the day! Since they live in florida we don’t get to see them nearly as often as we would all like, so we made the most of our afternoon together! I know I’ve said this before, but if my kids turn out half as wonderful as Ingrid’s, I will be a happy mama. They’re fun, polite, happy, sweet kids and are such a joy to be around! We’ve decided that they need to come spend the summer up here and my mom will open “Camp Green”, complete with horse back riding, swimming, and lots of yard work ;0) Our visit with them was not nearly long enough, but hopefully we’ll get to see them again sometime this spring, you know I’m ALWAYS up for a trip to florida :0)

First stop was meeting Cordento: I don’t think he minded all the extra attention, especially since with the extra attention came extra treats :0)
Katie tried so hard to keep her hand perfectly still so he could get the carrot from her, but his big lips tickled her little hands :0) BIG horse, little girl :0) Then we headed over to Reston Town Center to go ice skating, something I haven’t done in a LONG time! I took lessons for years when I was younger, so it always takes a few minutes for it all to come back to me. They all picked it up really quickly, and Kevin, PD, and Amanda were skating in circles around the rest of us! It was Katie’s first time skating and once she got the hang of it she was dancing and wiggling all over the place trying to spin in circles! I thought on more than one occasion she was going to fall and take me down with her!
and last but certainly not least we decided to warm things up with some s’mores: and things got sticky (and delicious!) REAL quick ;0) great day. great friends. :0) come back soon! love you guys!

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  1. […] and see each other as often as they can. Last time we got to see their family was for a day over christmas break when they came up to visit other family members in the area, but this time we got them all week! […]

  2. Grandma says:

    Thanks for sharing your day with Ingrid’s family. Loved it. xoxo

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