bedtime stories

I’ve learned by now then when I go over to Lauren and Sam’s house for dinner, I need to plan to stay until after the kids are in bed. Anytime I try to leave, there are two pouty faces staring back at me begging me to stay just a liiiiiiittle bit longer, and I give in every. single. time. because really, i’ve never been able to resist their pouty faces to begin with. So last night after dinner when it came time for bed I put my shoes on and started going for my coat, and then two kids in footy pajamas grabbed each of my hands and asked if I would just read them a book before I left. I kicked off my shoes and followed them up to their bedrooms, i didn’t even try to put up a fight.

They each picked their favorite book of the moment and climbed into Lauren’s bed on either side of me, pulled the covers up close, wrapped their arms around mine and put their heads on my shoulders, and I could have melted into that moment and stayed forever. Each yawn was a little bigger and they snuggled in a little deeper with each one, and I thought to myself “you will want to remember this moment…” so here I am, blogging about it in my little online journal, so that when they’re too old or too tired for bedtime stories, i’ll still remember why moments like make up some of my most favorite memories.

Have a great weekend! :0)

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  2. Jen says:

    So sweet, Jessie. :):)

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