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Okay so the obvious question I should have answered in the middle of my last post.. i started using backdrops! Nothing fancy, but for my clients who are really self cautious about shooting in their home, I want to be able to have a little alternative option for them, so for my baby sessions I have a few different little backdrop options I can bring along! I just went to Joann Fabric and found a couple that I thought would photograph well, and so far they’ve been a big hit! Just make sure its long enough, and you have something tall enough to hang it on. I literally just bought a clothes rack from Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99, and have been using clothes pins to keep the fabric where I want it! Its just a cheap option that is easy to bring along with me and set up where ever i need it! So you can see essentially the entire room in the image below, I set it up so that Kayley would be facing the window and i’d get as much natural light on her as I could!here’s the straight out of the camera shot, no editing at all: a quick crop and sharpen, and here’s the final image!I will only use these backdrops typically when I’m just photographing one (tiny) subject, but the older kids just happened to jump in to this next picture.. here’s the straight outta the camera shot:
again a quick crop, desaturation of the image, and sharpening and its one of my favorites from the session! could you ever tell it was taken in their living room? not at all! one more, just for fun :0) no editing at all: Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :0)

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  1. JC says:

    I love the idea! I usually have use a plain black backdrop and stick it on our wall hehe coz most of the time I like taking photos outside. But this one, I will def try. tnx!

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