another reason why i love my job…

anyone who has spend more than 5 minutes with me knows how much I love being around kids. I was the kid on the playground sitting next to the other moms instead of playing with the other kids, because thats where the babies were. from the time i started walking i was always dragging as many baby dolls with me as i could carry (here’s the proof, i’m slightly embarrassed to say!) and of course its no secret that Lauren and Sam are two of my favorite people to be around. my world just tends to spin a little slower and problems seem a little smaller whenever I get to be around kids, and I could spend literally all day holding a sleeping baby. its my happy place for sure :0)

So i always give my clients fair warning that at some point during the session, I’m going to need to hold their child :0) I try and wait until we’re done with pictures so I don’t have to keep reminding myself to put DOWN the baby and pick UP my camera, but sometimes i just can’t resist! I lucked out big time with the North family booking the first year package, because that means that I get not one, but TWO sweet babies I get to hold every three months :0) During their three month session, miss Charlie Claire wasn’t feeling so great so we took a little break and I got a little one on one time with her while Kristin was getting a bottle ready for her. One of my good friends¬†Heidi Naylor tagged along to this session and snapped a few pictures and she was kind enough to let me share them :0)

such a sweet girl :0) remember to join us on Team Charlie Claire if you haven’t already!¬†don’t worry, i did eventually put her down and take pictures… eventually ;0) happy monday!

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  1. Kristin says:

    Oh my goodness, how sweet do you look holding my little girl?!! I love it!!

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