Willow Marie: 6 Months- Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

6 months in most normal cases just does not seem like a very long time, and then you look at how much a baby changes those first 6 months and its absolutely amazing that so much can change in such a little time. Sitting up on your own, smiling and laughing, learning to give kisses, bursting with personality… in just 6 months! Willow has the best smile and the sweetest chubby cheeks, and I love looking back at her newborn pictures and seeing how much she’s grown! :0) I can only imagine what I’ll be saying in ANOTHER 6 months when she turns 1! so crazy! but for now, here’s miss Willow in all her 6 month drooly sweetness ;0) loved her little pink cowgirl hat ;0) definitely a favorite: One of the things Carrie said they always do is say good morning to the baby in the mirror; i LOVED watching Willow’s reaction and seeing the excited yet puzzled look on her face as she tried to figure it all out ;0) love this moment: pretty baby: love this one, i think this is Willow’s “hurray!” face ;0) LOVE these next two:most photogenic family ever? i think so!It was SO gorgeous the day of their session that we were able to sneak outside for a while at the end! oh 70 degree weather, how I’ve missed you! Pearls are always a hit.. well, really anything that can go in their mouth is always a hit, but pearls just tend to photograph a little nicer ;0) 
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Michele Choi says:

    I LOVE the one in which she is looking her mommy right in the eyes and has her hand on her face. Such a sweet moment. Gotta love those!!! You are the best, Jessie! Can’t wait to do another session when it’s warmer out. ha

  2. Carrie says:

    Thanks so much, Jessie! These pictures are beautiful and really capture Willow’s little personality. :-)

  3. mel avjean says:

    Oh so cute!

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