Connor: 6 months- Herndon VA Photographer

Have I told you lately how much I love photographing babies at 6 months? I’m fairly certain I say that in just about every. single. post. but its so true :0) Connor is no exception, he was just so happy and super smiley the entire time I was there and made my job SUPER easy :0) I love that I get to watch families interact and that they will be able to look back at these pictures years from now and remember not only how their baby looked physically, but more importantly what their FAMILY looks like and the little daily things that  make their lives so wonderful :0) The little games they play, the books they read, the things they do to make the baby laugh.. those end up being my absolute favorite pictures :0) Thanks again for inviting me into your home, can’t wait to see you guys again in three months! :0) HA! definitely a favorite :0) helloooo blue eyes! love me some baby lashes :0) oh you know, just lounging around… I’ve come to determine that the changing table for babies is either a love or hate thing; they either absolutely hate having their clothes changed and fuss every time they go near the changing table, or its their own personal happy place.. take a guess at how Connor feels about it:
One of the things Courtney said she wanted me to capture was how into his toes Connor is right now.. done and done ;0) I always ask parents where they spend the majority of their time when they’re at home, and Courtney said that one of her favorite things to do with Connor is just sit in his glider chair with him facing her reading books and talking about their day: yes, i think its safe to say he’s a pretty happy baby ;0) one last snuggle with mama then it was time for a break :0) 

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  2. Donella Herring says:

    Conner is so very precious. I would LOVE to meet him one day. Do you ever make trips to NC? Blessings and Love, Crickett

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