vegas bound!

In about an hour I’m off to the airport heading to VEGAS for my birthday tomorrow… okaaaay so the WPPI conference might have a little something to do with the trip too ;0) anyone that knows me knows that Vegas is definitely not my scene; always an adventure but after seeing it once when I was little I never really felt a need to go back. Only something as great as the WPPI conference could get me to go back year after year! This will be my third year at the conference and each year I learn more and more! I always come back with a million ideas bouncing around in my head and so inspired after hearing some of my favorite photographers talk about their lives and businesses. Last year Amber Holritz and Jesh de Rox totally changed the way I saw my job (you can read all about that HERE) and I’m SO excited about the speakers I’m signed up to hear this year!

It can be so easy to get completely overwhelmed at WPPI, especially for me. I would say that I’m definitely more of an introvert than extrovert, so being around 15,000 other people all day long can be exhausted. So getting ready for that I made myself a little goal list for the week, so if you see me first of all definitely come up and say hi (meeting new people is the best part of this conference!) but also feel free to hold me to these goals ;0)

1) Go to the gym at least two times- hey I gotta find a little quiet time at some point even if thats on the elliptical with my headphones on ;0)

2) Drink water, not soda! Since I don’t drink coffee it can be easy to reach for a little caffein pick-me-up during the day!

3) Write down 5 specific things that you learned that day (i think my pages and pages of notes i tend to take should cover this)

4) Write down 5 specific things per day that you’re thankful for

5) Find at least 1 new product to start offering- the tradeshow is amazing and always has so many great vendors.. i’m excited to check out some new products!

6) Introduce yourself to Bobbi+Mike after their talk and tell them how much you appreciate them (bb+mk, if you end up seeing this I can’t WAIT to meet you :0) )

7) Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night- thats going to be the tough one, but i know i’m just a happier person when i get enough sleep ;0)

8) Be extra intentional with people, especially at Photographer’s Unite! That was the highlight of the trip last year for me and i’m so excited to hang out with that group of people again :0)

9) Take time to ENJOY my birthday- I turn 25 tomorrow (YIKES when the heck did that happen?!) and I’m determined to enjoy my day with some of my favorite people, so thanks in advance to JillMichelleMichael and Katelyn for helping me celebrate :0)

10) Last but certainly not least, pass out/exchange at LEAST 5 business cards per day.. again, thats an easy one, but I’m just SO excited about my new gorgeous letter press business cards that I can’t wait to dish them out! Thanks to Invited Ink for doing such a beautiful job designing and printing them! Happy Saturday! Have a great weekend! :0)

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  1. Heidi says:

    Those look awesome!

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  3. evelyn says:

    i LOVE these!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shannon Hopper says:

    Jessie I love the new business cards!! They definitely carry your brand and personality :) Hope you’re having a fabulous time in Vegas and a happy happy birthday!

  5. Catherine Porter says:

    Jessie, I love your business cards! seriously, so pretty.

  6. Leigh McCready says:

    Hope you have a FANTSTIC birthday and those business cards are fabulous!

  7. Mom says:

    25. Hmmmm…How did that happen? Hope you have a wonderful, fabulously fun birthday! Love the cards! Love you!

  8. Jill says:

    Yay!!! So excited to spend the week with you and celebratee your birthday of course!! And cute cards!!! Love you!

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