from content to happy

It was my sophomore year of college and I had just finished a bible study with some incredible women across campus, and I was putting off walking back to my house because I was far too busy sitting on their couch watching a thunderstorm roll in outside their window. I’ve always loved thunderstorms; I think there’s something so soothing about them (strange, I know) and I could sit and watch the lighting all day. It was a perfect spring evening, thunderstorm and all, and I was perfectly content.

and then my phone rang.

one of my young life teammates who shared my affection for thunderstorms called and asked if I wanted to go down to the river. in the middle of the thunderstorm. because clearly, that was the best place to watch it. and my heart went from content to happy as I jumped off the couch, had my roommates look at me like I was crazy, and grabbed my raincoat and ran out to meet him and head for the river. We picked up the rest of the team along the way (best team ever? most definitely.) and spent the next hour sitting under the gazebo watching the storm, talking about life, thanking Jesus for the ways He was moving at Warwick, praying together, and getting completely soaked. that rain coat? it might as well have stayed at home. but even completely soaked, my heart overflowed.

as I sat on my couch last night and watched the lighting out my window I found myself wishing I could grab my past young life teammates and head to the river, where so many of my favorite memories happened. whether we went to the river for sunshine or thunderstorms, it always had a way of putting a smile on my face, and making my heart go instantly from content to happy.

(ps please excuse the terrible picture quality, this was taken back in 2004 with my good old film canon rebel ;0) )

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  1. Grandma says:

    Just like me, and the ocean. xoxoxo

  2. evelyn says:

    thanks jess, i needed this. love ya girl. i miss the river.

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