Jacob and Ashley: Part 2 – Virginia Wedding Photographer

Get excited for part 2!! As much as I love part 1, my favorite moments of the session happened in part 2 and I’m excited to share it with you :0) Love the texture on the wall behind them in these next two! For these next few pictures, I told Jake that his job was to kiss Ashley, and Ashley’s job was to NOT be kissed… she put up a good fight for a minute or so..

but eventually she gave in ;0) and the result is one of my new all time favorite pictures :0) 
another one of Katie’s!There are moments over the past few years when I’m photographing a couple that will always stand out in my mind.. and these next few pictures? Well this moment with Jake and Ashley has now become one of my all time favorite memories with a couple. Thank you for sharing your excitement and dreams for the future with me. It blessed me more than you will ever know!
I’ve asked Jake to tag along from now on and give the rest of you grooms out there lessons on “dipping” ;0) Apparently all those times they spent dancing in the kitchen really paid off, these two are pros :0) LOVE this shot of Jake and Ashley… but i’m not gonna lie, Larry the donkey hanging out in the background makes me laugh too :0) 
You guys are the best! Can’t wait to see you again soon! :0) Have a great weekend!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I love these photos! I would have a hard time picking a favorite too. So much love!

  2. Karen Duff says:

    These are awsome photos of two wonderful people!!! You really captured their spirits, personality and love for each other in these pictures!! I’ve really enjoyed looking at them!

  3. Stacy says:

    These are absolutely amazing photos! You did a fabulous job and now I wish you had taken my engagement portraits!!

  4. Susan says:

    These are all wonderful! I tried and tried, but I could not settle on just one to be my favorite. :-)

  5. Kate says:

    I love the ones in the grass and the ones on horseback facing the same direction. They show how you guys really are :)

  6. Abigail says:

    Hey Jessica! I love your work. You gotta gift girl! These pictures are beautiful! Just looking through them I feel like I know this couple. I noticed a few of the pictures were taking by your “second shooter”, Katie. I was just wondering how she became your second shooter, did you hire her, did she ask you, do you pay her? I am looking into becoming a second shooter for photographers in my area, and I was just wondering what advise you had for me on that.

  7. Heather says:

    Looks like you had a great day filled with lots of laughter and love. Can’t wait for the coming events and great pictures to follow!

  8. Meghan says:

    I love this soooo much! Every one I thought, Oh, this one’s my favorite. And then I would come to the next one. And it was my favorite. But the ones in the grass with the cowboy hat are so special. And the hard to get ones :)

  9. Lindsay says:

    These truly capture their love. I feel like I was there watching. The quality and creativity that each picture portrays is incredible!

  10. Jess says:

    Just adore the ones in the grass! You two are so special to me & I thank you Jessie for capturing these beautiful photos! I love when my worlds collide!

  11. Suzanne Phillips says:

    Great photos, cousin!

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