Sabrina and John: Day After Session- Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer

Are you ready for one last Mexico post?! When John and Sabrina first contacted me, she was on the fence about doing a trash the dress, or ‘Day After’ session as I more affectionately call it. She knew she wanted more portraits and to really take advantage of the gorgeous location, and I told her that we could whatever she was comfortable with as far as getting her dress wet. When I asked her a few hours before the session how she was feeling about getting in the water she simply said ‘we’re ready for it!’ and I’m so glad they did! Last time I did a session like this was last year in Jamaica with Katelyn, and the experience was so different, primarily because of the waves! In Jamaica there were absolutely no waves, so Jennifer could get all the way in and not worry that a wave would grab ahold of the heavy dress. I didn’t want Sabrina to get all the way in, because I know once that dress gets wet it gets reeeeally heavy! The waves weren’t huge, but just big enough that I knew it would pose a problem getting in and out, so we stayed more along the shoreline and I am so excited about the results :0) Sabrina and John were truly up for anything and made my job SO easy the entire weekend! Enjoy even more favorite images in part 3! :0)

We started off walking around the resort a little more before heading to the beach:
my view: Katie’s view: had to show off Sabrina’s hot pink shoes in a couple shots! :0) love Katie’s angle on this next shot: then we headed to the beach! unfortunately there was absolutely nowhere at all private for us to do the session, and Sabrina and John attracted quite an audience! Apparently people have never seen a bride get in the water in her wedding dress before! Go figure ;0) a few more of Katie’s images: love this one :0) I asked John and Sabrina to show me a couple moves from their first dance again.. definitely a favorite! can’t you see this one as a canvas?!? :0)
so gorgeous! oh man I think these last couple are my absolute favorites from the weekend! ah! i love it! now this one should be a canvas for SURE! :0) 
Have a great weekend! :0)

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  2. Sabrina says:

    I love the pics…Jessie is an amazing photographer. Thanks Amanda. You’re right, my dress is a Mikaella. And those Nina shoes are so comfortable. We have great taste. Thanks to all my friends for your comments/compliments. John and I just got back from Mexico so we’re trying to take it all in.

  3. Amanda says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Sabrina, I’m guessing your dress is by Mikaella…mine is too! We have oddly similar taste – I recently purchased the exact same Nina shoes (same color and all)! :)

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