The Gomez Family- Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Carrie and I have been talking about finding a time to do portraits of her family since last NOVEMBER (crazy, huh?!) so by the time their portrait session finally came around last week I was so ready to meet them and photograph her sweet Savannah. We walked around Frying Pan Farm Park last Friday evening and made friends with all the animals, which Savannah was so excited about! I loved watching her get so excited with each new thing she saw there :0) It really is one of my favorite places to do family portraits because kids love it, which means I get all those gorgeous natural smiles!

Carrie and Chris, I so enjoyed getting to know you both, thanks for hanging out with me and my camera for the evening! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! :0)

While the majority of the park stays open, a few parts were already closed by the time we got there, soooo we just opted to hop a few fences to get the good pictures :0) First stop, the carousel! This is Savannah’s “ta-da!” face :0) 
I think these next three are my favorites from my time with Carrie, Chris, and Savannah! she was especially fond of the cows :0) pretty baby :0) the turkey, however, she was not so sure about… can’t say I blame her :0) not sure what it is about this one that catches my attention every time, but I love it! one last hug :0) 
Happy Monday! :0)

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  1. Marilyn Kailing-Cope says:

    Loved the pictures of the Gomez family! Especially the blk & wht one of Sav….so cute!

  2. Jilliane A Currie- Walsh says:

    Awesome pictures of the whole family! Fabulous photography!

  3. Amanda Currie says:

    Those pics are so adorable:) Love the park, and the family looks great in all of them!!

  4. Aunt deb says:

    I love them all!

  5. Christina - says:

    Love the Gomez family photos! Jesse – I especially like the sepia toned portraits, they add a unique timeless quality.

  6. Edna Davis says:

    What a beautiful family!!!

  7. Rose CurrieLawrence says:

    Love the pictures! Very creative you all look great!!

  8. lindsey says:

    Love the pics! Savanah’s face is priceless! And u both look awesome! Great work beautiful pics!

  9. Darrel Stinson says:

    I loved the pictures, wish there were more to look at, you guys seem to be so very happy, so now I’m happy! all smiles!

  10. Kasie Cousino says:

    Savannah’s faces are just too precious. She’s such a mix of you two. Wonderful pictures and it looks like all 3 of you are enjoying yourself.

  11. Stacey says:

    These pictures are amazing n so natural. Love them. Savannah is so adorable.

  12. Cathy Franklin says:

    Oh my! Savannah is growing like a weed…or rather a sweet little “Rose”. Amazing pics!! You will be so happy to have captured these moments to enjoy now and in the future. Beautiful!

  13. Laura Hurst says:

    Beautiful! I love them and can’t wait to see you all soon.

  14. ann currie says:

    the pictures were awesome I felt like I was with them at the park Savannah your so sweet……

  15. GPG says:

    What a beautiful family frozen in time and a photoprapher being able to capture the moment…ya done good.

  16. Chris Gomez says:

    GREAT JOB on these Jesse! What is funny is that this is only 21 of the over 1000 pics you took! I cannot imagine having to pick from any more than this. Thanks for your great work.

  17. Renee Thomas says:

    Chris and Carrie – The photos are amazing. You two have been truly Blessed with Savannah.

  18. Millie Abdi says:

    Wow…..Amazing photos…what a lovely family portrait.

  19. Kathy Black says:

    Gorgeous pictures – you are an amazing photographer! I LOVE how natural Savannah appears – it’s going to be really hard to choose only a couple of pics.

  20. Malini Peck says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Great photography with a very beautiful family.

  21. Allison says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the location and you did a great job capturing their smiles n love!!

  22. Meghan Gomez says:

    Love the pictures!! You do great work–you did great capturing a beautiful family!

  23. Janelle says:

    Awwww Chris so cute!!! she looks just like you.

  24. Natalia says:

    I completely love the picture “cute baby” and the one with her walking away from the picture. Beautiful pictures!

  25. Denise Kidane says:

    Excellent Photography. Excellent Models. Looks like the Gomez’s should be featured in a magazine; especially America’s Next Top Model Savannah.

  26. Mary Currie-Williams says:

    I absolutely love these pics, you do amazing work!! Thank you!

  27. Carrie says:

    beautiful pictures!! I just love all the funny faces Savannah makes. :-)

  28. Carrie says:

    Amazing work Jessie! We are so lucky to have found you (via the Browns)!!

  29. Rich Greene says:

    These pictures are amazing. You have a beautiful family.

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