Meet Cooper Daniel- Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

One of the sweetest things about this job is getting to see the same smiling faces year after year and see how their families grow and change. I had literally JUST had dinner with one of my other 2009 brides and told her I was ready for some of my past wedding couples to start having babies for me to take pictures of (no pressure people ;0) ) when I got Lindsay’s email just a few days later saying she and Dan were expecting!! I had the privilege to photograph Dan and Lindsay’s engagement session back in February of 2009 and their gorgeous wedding just a few months later, and I’m SO excited that I got to meet their sweet baby boy Cooper last week! I loved getting to see Lindsay as a mom; she is such a natural! Cooper is the perfect little addition to their family, and I’m so thankful I got to take his first pictures!

First came love: then came marriage: 
now comes a baby in the baby carriage! :0) Lindsay had the most adorable little easter bunny outfit for Cooper.. isn’t he precious?! sweet baby bunny:I always try and schedule sessions during a time in the day when the baby will be super sleepy, and even as tired as baby Cooper was he did NOT want to miss any of the action! I got to cuddle with this sweet boy to get him to settle back down, but even as soon as he would fall asleep in my arms, as soon as I set him down he’d wake right back up! A swaddle blanket and pacifier seemed to do the trick though! Cooper and I worked out a little deal where as long as I gave it back within about 10 seconds, he would let me pull the paci out of his mouth for a few quick pictures ;0) isn’t he perfect?!love these couple of Lindsay with her boy: I knew after seeing all the amazing details at Lindsay and Dan’s wedding that Cooper’s room was going to be adorable, but she went above and beyond! It’s amazing! I could tell she had so much fun decorating it :0) I had to take a few pictures of his room; i love the polka dots everywhere! Isn’t this ‘Little Boys Make Noise!” poster adorable?!? You can find it HERE. Love a good baby burrito picture :0) Cooper eventually realized that it was okay to relax and sleep anyway, so he let me unswaddle him for the rest of the session :0) the pacifier on the other hand, he was NOT okay with me taking ;0) and he made sure I was very clear on that by putting both his little hands over his paci and giving me looks like this… “hey lady, quit taking my pacifier!” ;0) but he’s still so darn cute with the paci, so I let him hang on to it :0) favorite :0) love his little wrinkles!oh my heavens, look at his little fingers! again with the little wrinkles! so stinkin cute :0) love this mama&baby moment :0)my other favorite of Cooper, love this sweet sleepy baby! okay, one more favorite!
so tiny in that big bed!! Thanks again Lindsay and Dan for sharing your sweet boy with me! :0) Happy Wednesday!

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    soooo darn cute

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