Allen and Tatem- Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

While I consider myself so lucky that most of my couples turn into good friends, there’s something a little different for me about shooting a friends wedding when there is history prior to the engagement. When I got to CNU, Tatem was a sophomore and involved in a few of the same Bible Studies I was, and remained a friend throughout college. I was so excited when I got the news that Tatem was engaged and had found the love of her life, and beyond honored when she contacted me to photograph her wedding! Getting to be with friends on their wedding day is such a gift, seeing all the little important moments that make up their day, and seeing her interact with her new HUSBAND is the best :0) Tatem and Allen are the perfect combination; i love how they would go from laughing together and goofy faces to being sweet and affectionate in the same moment. Lets just say they made my job SUPER easy ;0)

Allen and Tatem, I’m so thankful to have spent your wedding day with you! Thank you for the example you set to those around you, and for loving Christ more than each other! I can’t wait to see your marriage grow :0) Hope you have a fabulous time on your honeymoon! Enjoy every minute! :0)

Tatem’s something blue.. that perfect “Carolina” blue :0) a few finishing touches.. couldn’t risk getting any makeup on the dress! Tatem and Allen opted for a first look to get all of their portraits out of the way.. always a great plan :0) Love these next few of them seeing each other for the first time: its always a little emotional: showing off her gorgeous dress: Tatem had scoped out the perfect spot in Yorktown for all their portraits, the Moore house.. love the front of this historic house! I think this one has been one of my favorites since the moment I took it! I love everything about it :0)
buuuut I also love these next three so much too! You guys look SO good!!once again, no dresses were harmed in the making of these pictures :0) ceremony time!!one of the main reasons couples opt NOT to do a first look is because they want the moment when they walk down the aisle to be special too… that moment when the bride walks down the aisle is one that so many have dreamed of and built up in their minds, and they think that doing a first look will take away from it. Well I think its safe to say that Allen and Tatem would tell you the exact opposite is true; that is still such a powerful moment when the bride walks down the aisle toward her groom. This was my favorite moment during the ceremony.. it was right after they both took communion, I have no idea what he was saying to her, but it was so sweet to see their arms around each other in that moment. Such a sweet way to start a marriage! first dance :0) 
it was QUITE the party! oh, and it looks like someone was getting into the blue candy bar ;0) In some ways I always feel so bad for the guy who catches the garter and the girl who catches the bouquet if this is the event that follows.. although it does make for some hilarious pictures! Apparently Tatem and Allen weren’t quite satisfied with how high up on her leg he was willing to put the garter ;0) and they’re off!! Hope you’re having the best time in the Dominican Republic! Enjoy your slideshow! :0)

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  1. Terry Moberley says:

    Best wedding pics I’ve ever seen! Amazing! Such a breathtaking wedding, Tatem. I am so happy for you! You make a beautiful couple! I pray God’s blessing on your marriage and home!

  2. Jamie Fox says:

    Wonderful pictures!!!!! I’m jealous…i wish you had been my photographer for my wedding!!! Great job! Can’t wait to purchase a few to put up at my house :-) Really enjoyed them!

  3. Jacky Van Diver says:

    What beautiful pictures ! I loved the dresses , cake & the shoes. What a pretty wedding Tatem & Allen. I remember Tatum when she was in 5th grade !!
    Great job , Jessica w/ all the great photos !

  4. Carolyn Inskeep Tatem's Mom says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I can’t believe the wedding was not even a week ago. Tatem and Allen look so incredibly happy and relaxed…Thank you, Jessie, for bringing the emotions out in your photos…. Looking at the pictures makes you feel the feelings.

  5. Lori says:

    Tears. And joy. Deep deep joy. Love you all. Jessie I praise God for you and your capturing of this day. Absolutely historic–and that from before there was time. Amen and Amen.

  6. Happy says:

    Yay!!! So good!!! Thank you Jessie for using the gifts that God has given you to bring joy to the lives of others!!

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