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You’re 5 today. Thats a whole hand! When did that happen? I remember the day I found out you were coming, I was so excited for a new baby to cuddle with all summer long! Some of my favorite memories with you happened that first summer you were born. You were just a tiny month old baby, and every day while Lauren would sleep, I would lay on the couch and you would sleep all curled up on my chest for hours. You’ve always been a cuddly boy, but those quiet hours with you feeling your little belly rise up and down with each breath you took will always be some of my favorites. I remember telling people when you started smiling that you just had the kindest eyes! I’ve always known you had the sweetest spirit. I mean look at that smile and those little curls, who could resist?!
I have so many things I love about you, but since you’re 5, we’ll see if I can just stick with 5 for today. 1.) I love that you are ALL BOY! Trucks, superheroes, and making messes (as evidence by the spaghetti face in the picture above!) are just a part of who you are. You love to explore, rescue your sister from the bad guy (and then tie her up again!), and sword fight with anyone who dares to challenge you. You’ve always had these broad shoulders and this little strut when you walk. I can’t wait to see the man you will become! 2.) I love how you love your siblings. You always light up whenever you see Jen, Josh, or Matthew walk in the room. You look up to your big brothers so much and they could not adore you more. They’re always so eager to show you off to all their friends, because you are the best baby brother anyone could ask for. I love how Lauren will always be your best friend. I love listening to you play and laugh; hearing her help you with something, and seeing you look out for her when she gets hurt. I love that you don’t hesitate to give her a big smooch anytime I ask, and that you  have more fun with her than anyone else. 3.) I love that you love to cuddle. That whenever I tuck you in you give me a kiss and say “Can you just cuddle with me for a minute?” How could I ever say no?! You looked up at me one time after I scooped you up in my arms and said “I just want to hug you all the time!” and I thought, ‘my thoughts exactly…’ 4) I love that you love to learn. That you love to build things and create things and read your favorite books over and over again. You are so smart and pick up on things so fast.. I can’t believe you will be in kindergarten in the fall! You will always tell me the new things you’ve learned, whether it was something you learned at church or in one of your dinosaur books. You are so smart! 5.) I love your joyous spirit, Sammy. You are one of the happiest kids I’ve ever met and are such a light to everyone around you. You are kind, polite, thoughtful, and always smiling and laughing about something! You teach me so much about God’s love for us and what it means to have child-like faith every time you open your mouth. You love asking questions about God and trying to understand, yet at the end of the day you simply know that He made you. He loves you. He’s looking out for you. and that He is your Heavenly Father, and thats enough for you. Thank you for teaching me to be content and trust. I love you to the moon and back! 
Happy Birthday my sweet Sammy!

no word is big enough,
miss jessie

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  3. Grandma says:

    Absolutely beautiful–again. xoxoxo

  4. Brooke says:

    So Sweet!

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