The Brame Family: 8 Months – Virginia Family Photographer

Every time I’m in Newport News for work I always make sure to set aside time to spend with the Brame Family, and I was SO excited because this time I got to bring my camera! Jack and Bennett are two of my favorite little guys to photograph, and I’ve had so many people randomly tell me how excited they get whenever I post new pictures of this family. I told Jack that he and Bennett are famous on my blog :0) Bennett is now 8 months and is the sweetest, smiliest little guy with his bright blue eyes and chubby cheeks. I LOVE how you can tell at first glance that Jack and Bennett are brothers, and yet they have such different looks. Both have smiles that just melt my heart and have me totally wrapped around their little fingers!

Check out those baby blues…
isn’t he the cutest thing?!??!?! ahh can’t handle it :0) love his little toothless grin :0)such a handsome little guy :0) a few tickles always make for a good picture ;0) I know these next four are so similar, but i love them all and the progression of Bennett’s smile :0) these are some of my favorites from my time with them :0) Jack thought it was hilarious how my camera would “wink” at him ;0) there are some serious tiger fans in this family, so we ended the session in their Clemson gear :0) how cute is Bennett’s little onesie?!
ah, brothers. so typical ;0) can’t you just hear Bennett saying “c’mooon pass it to me!!”love those blue eyes :0) LOVE these next two.. I’m pretty sure Jack is the only person I’d ever let hike the football in the direction of my camera ;0) apparently Bennett was REALLY impressed by Jack’s football skills ;0) That afternoon they invited me to join them as they took the boat out for the first time that year, and it just so happened to be Bennett’s first time out on the water! I figured if they could bring their babies on the boat, I could bring my baby/camera ;0) I was so excited to get to tag along for Bennett’s first boat ride.. and even more excited when I saw his cute little sunglasses ;0)
his life jacket was a little too big and since it was the first time he had to wear it he was not loving it so much, but he still gave me a few sweet smiles ;0) Jack, on the other hand, was BEYOND thrilled to be out on the boat again! You can tell its one of his favorite places to be, he was totally fearless out on the water! Brooke asked him if he was okay sitting on his own seat by himself, and this was the reaction she got: after I took this picture I went to sit with him up at the front of the boat and he put his hand on mine and looked at me and says “I really like you here.” :0) I gotta say, I really liked me there too ;0) 
Thanks again for letting me spend the afternoon with you all! I had the best time :0) can’t wait to see you again soon!

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Guess I better get those kids some JMU clothes – HA!
    Great pictures.

  2. Aleece says:

    Adorable family!! Great pictures! You are so talented!

  3. Al Brame says:

    I may be a little bias, but I think the pictures are great!

  4. Brooke Brame says:

    Thanks Jessie! We had a great time spending the day with you-as always:) The pictures are great-I can’t believe we are down to our last session!

  5. Johnna King says:

    I love this post! Amazing moments!! =)

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