Kayley: 1 Year! – Hampton Roads Family Photographer

Can you believe it?! She’s ONE! Already! I can’t believe miss Kayley is done with her first year package! I’m thinking about adding a few more sessions during that 2nd year to the package just so I still have a reason to go photograph these families a few more times! The families that I get to walk through that first year with have truly become some of my best friends, and as excited as I am to watch them grow, I get so sad when that year is over! Which is silly, because hopefully I’ll still be able to photograph all these wonderful families for many, MANY years to come! Or they will just keep having kids and we’ll get to do the year package all over again ;0)

Amanda, your family has been SUCH a joy to get to know! I always get so excited to see you all, to see what new things Kayley has learn, to hear the funny things Bradley will say, and to see how much more they both adore Matthew every day. He is an incredible young man and such a loving brother. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives these past 12 months and for being so excited with me for each session! I’m already counting down the months until I can get your sweet family in front of my camera again! Love you all!

Make sure before you scroll down you go back and revisit all of Kayley’s previous sessions to see just how much she has grown; Embrace the Belly, Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months.
Mama’s necklace is ALWAYS more fascinating than just about anything else ;0) As any photographer knows, it can be QUITE tricky getting little kids to look at the camera! I typically don’t prefer shots with EVERYONE looking at the camera in a “Smile! Say Cheese!” fashion, but every now and then you need one of those and so you take a million pictures, and some of them come out like this (which i love ;0) ) ….and then maybe, JUST maybe, one of them will come out like this ;0) SUCCESS!! such a big girl!! she will be chasing Bradley around before you know it :0)
looove me some sweet baby eyelashes :0)look at her little bloomers!! Amanda always has the CUTEST outfits for Kayley! she was a BIG fan of this rocking chair! As soon as we set her in it she went crazy rocking back and forth! and made this face when we tried to take her out of it ;0) can’t you see her as a teenage now giving that same “are you SERIOUSLY asking me to do that?!” face?? but eventually we did manage to talk her out of her rocking chair, and even convinced her to take a few steps for us! but of course, its much easier with a little help :0)Remember this field? This is where we did Amanda’s ’embrace the belly’ pictures! it seemed only appropriate we end the session here :0) The wind was blowing like craaaaazy, which is why the banner looks a little off… I’m just happy we got one where it wasn’t blowing away! Kayley was not too sure about the cupcake.. she got a big bite of frosting… got it all over her face and belly.. made her cute little scrunchy nose face… and then in one quick motion, dropped the cupcake and face planted on to her dad before anyone could catch her ;0) which quickly signified the end of the session haha! Thanks again for spending the morning with me! hope to see you all again soon! :0) one last picture of sweet Kayley throughout the year: 

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  1. Jen says:

    That baby is ADORABLE! Love her pics!

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