Tim and KC- Farmville VA Wedding Photographer

Blog readers, meet Tim and KC, you will get to know and love them a lot this month! Usually after I fall in love with a couple during their engagement session I have to wait months before I get them in front of my camera again, but not this time! Tim and KC are getting married in just two short weeks!! When KC and I first started talking months ago it was about photography, little did she know Tim was going to propose just a few weeks later! Our conversation quickly moved from f-stops and lighting to venues and ideas for THEIR portrait sessions! Tim and KC both just graduated from college, so it seemed fitting to do their engagement session at some of their favorite spots around Tim’s campus. I had been to Hampton-Sydney once before and it is SUCH a gorgeous school, so I knew it would be the perfect spot. I loved getting to hear their story, see where they met, and where they got engaged, and I could not be more excited to celebrate with you two in just a few weeks! :0)

Our first stop was the bridge where Tim proposed!
they laughed together the entire time! made my job so darn easy :0) Apparently all of my couples are expert dancers.. I told them to take a little walk..
and it turned into this! love it! helloooo pretty light :0) love this one :0) KC, you are SO gorgeous! this one makes me smile :0) Tim and KC met at an InterVarsity dance lesson mixer in this room, I love that they made a point to stop here for a few of their engagement pictures :0) That picture on the left? my faaaaavorite :0) just so happened to be in exactly the right spot for that little dance step ;0)
So there is this gorgeous old tree in the middle of campus and KC and Tim were feeling adventurous and decided to climb it! Please keep in mind that this branch is not super low to the ground, it required her standing on his shoulders to get in this tree, and lets just say Tim can jump REALLY high ;0) love how these turned out though! then we headed over to Longwood for the last little bit of the session and scoped out some of KC’s favorite spots… another favorite :0) See you guys in just a few weeks! can’t wait!! :0)

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  1. Melody Johnson says:

    I loved every stage of the wedding. You captured every moment that they will cherish forever. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Johanna Breslin says:

    :) These are quite beautiful. The joy in your faces was captured beautifully and make the pictures come alive. Climbing a tree was definitely one of the most fabulous ideas!…Both of you are so good looking, you adorn the beautiful places you took pictures at :)

  3. Aunt Kathy says:

    Beautiful pictures. What a beautiful couple. The pictures really capture how much in love you are with each other.

  4. Emily Engelking says:

    These turned out amazing!

    ….KC, I love you so much! You are beautiful!
    ….Tim, not bad, not bad at all. Y’all look so happy.

  5. Dana Schnurman says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning. It brings so much joy to my heart to know that the two of you are truly at peace with each other. I love you both dearly and am so incredibly happy for the two of you as your start the next chapter in your lives. These photographs are lovely.

  6. Ebie Baker says:

    KC these are so perfect! YOU TWO are perfect! So excited for you!! xoxo

  7. Kuhfuss says:

    Awww! You two are beautiful children of God (both inside and out), and I LOVE IT! Blessings on you both! (Mad props to the photographer as well. :D)


  8. Taylor says:

    These are gorgeous. Something right off GMC. Y’all are so cute together.

  9. Rachel says:

    I love all of these pictures, you really captured their happiness. So cute!

  10. Derek says:

    Many congrats!

  11. Paul York says:

    KC – Can’t believe you are so grown up. The pictures are great. Congratulations!

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