Willow Marie: 9 Months – Vienna VA Baby Photographer

I don’t know where you all live, but here in northern virginia last week we had the weirdest weather! It would be pouring down rain one minute, and blue skies and sunny the next! The forecast just said rain and storms ALL week, and I was so worried that all my scheduled sessions would end getting postponed. Even though it was calling for rain, Carrie, Jeremy, and I decide to go ahead with Willow’s 9 month session and just see if we could get in an hour or so with no rain. While we did have a few little rain drops, for the most part it was the perfect overcast cool morning and Willow was ALL smiles! We met up at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna and since it had been raining so much everything was so colorful! I guess a little rain never hurt anyone, right?? :0)

Willow is at SUCH a fun age; loving the freedom that crawling gives her, standing on her own, and pointing at EVERYTHING! I can just hear her now, “Hey mom, whats that? Dad, why is that there?!?” alllll day long! She was waving at everyone that walked by and loved looking at all the baby ducks, fish, and turtles you find around Meadowlark. She has such a sweet personality, and literally smiled for us for a solid two hours! So naturally, I have more images in this post than normal, hope you all don’t mind! ;0) OH. MY. HEAVENS!! Look at those big blue eyes!! Love the texture and bold colors in these next two: love this little girl in yellow :0) and look at those curls!! I told Carrie I would never be able to cut those little curls: love this next series: one last wardrobe change.. a girl’s gotta have her boots! :0) sweet baby: these next three were too good NOT to share ;0) aw there we go, much better :0) AH! if this doesn’t put a HUGE smile on your face I don’t know what will!! my favorite for sure :0) 
Thanks again for spending the morning with me and sharing your sweet Willow! See you soon! :0)

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  1. Glory says:

    Amazing photos! Willow we love watching you grow!!! Love the Nelsons

  2. Julee says:

    Love these! So many great shots!

  3. Sara says:

    These are SO PRECIOUS!!!!

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