On Display- Hallway Canvases

I thought it was time for another ‘On Display’ post, and who better than to show off my favorite family! A year or so ago Julie and I sat down to figure out what to do with all these pictures I’ve taken of her 5 beautiful children throughout the years, and I love what she came up with! She wanted an up close head shot of each of the kids, and decided to get a 16×16 canvas of each one to hang in a row on their up stairs hallway between the boys room and their room. They have so many windows in their house, that when you pull up outside these canvases catch your attention right away and are the first thing you see when you enter their home.

I know you all know Lauren and Sam very well by now, but for those who are brand new to the blog let me introduce you to Josh, Lauren, Matthew, Sam, and Jen; some of the best people in my life! My freshman year of college I met this family when Lauren was just 6 months old and was so blessed to help out their amazing mom Julie for the next 4 years so she could do fun things and spend time with the older kids during their break from school. Now over 6 years later I still make it a point to spend time with them as often as I can and I’m so thankful to be considered part of their family! Don’t Julie and Paul have the most beautiful kids?!?love what a statement these make, and that they are the first thing you see when you walk into their home! they also ordered two 16×20 prints to hang opposite the 5 squares. That picture of Sam is still one of my favorites! He was just over a year old when I took it!
As a reminder, all individual canvas prints are 25% off for this month only! Feel free to contact me for more information on canvases! :0)

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