Connor: 9 Months- Herndon VA Baby Photographer

It is always so fun for me to go back after I shoot one of the baby’s first year sessions and compare it to previous sessions and see just how much they have changed. I was looking at sweet Connor during his 9 month session last week and for the first time he looked so much more like a little BOY to me than a baby! We met up at a park right by their house and I have a feeling he will be running all around that place in no time! I’m so glad it was finally warm enough for us to one of their sessions outside, even though we were dodging crazy storms all week, it cleared up just for us that morning!

I think Connor was on a sensory overload pretty much the entire time from the school buses full of kids running around, all kinds of animals (and the smells that come with them!) talking to him, and the feel of sitting in the grass for the first time.. i think he wanted to look ANYWHERE but at me! ;0) but i’ll take those cute smiles, whether they’re directed at me or not!
he was LOVING that he got to stand up like a big boy and jump around instead of having to sit! love his sweet smiles! like i said, running around before you know it! so crazy! I love all these ones out in the field!
I think if this were my family I would make one of these a big canvas above my bed :0) look at his little hat! too cute! I love this next little series of photos of Connor clapping :0) so proud of himself :0) a favorite for sure! Connor is such a cuddle bug and probably would have been perfectly content just cuddling with his mama the entire time! :0) 
Happy Monday!!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Always something new–always beautiful. xoxoxo

  2. Courtney says:

    Love, Love, Love these!!! How will I ever choose my favorites???

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