welcome home; part 2!

So none of these rooms are done.. at ALL. Especially the two guest rooms.. like, really not sure I want to share these pictures on here, THATS how unfinished the rooms are! but I figured there has got to be someone out there that reads my blog that can help a girl out with some decorating tips! So here they are, and I’ll blog new ones when the rooms are actually finished!

This is my room, it was the ONLY room in the house that was painted a specific color instead of that neutral beige and it just so happened to match perfectly! This place was made for me :0) So the double doors on the far right lead out into the hallway, and I’m standing in front of the closet:
I need something to go above my bed too.. any ideas? so this is standing right outside my bedroom, and you can see the top of the stairs on the right and that closet right there is where my christmas tree lives and a couple other random boxes :0) Then that first set of double doors holds the washer&dryer, and the 2nd set of double doors is a linen closet. Right across from the linen closet is a full bathroom, and then those two doors at the end are the two additional bedrooms. Be forewarned, I have not put ANY effort into these two rooms, so if anyone has any decorating tips I am ALL ears! You will recognize this set up from my apartment in Newport News. I contemplated making this room my office, but the space downstairs works just fine for me. like i said, these rooms need help! and guest room number two! i love the bright colors in this bedspread!i’m thinking about putting a little dresser or at least table up against this wall, and i have absolutely nothing up on the walls! 
so thats it! bring on the decorating tips and come on over anytime :0) have a great weekend!

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  1. Ginger Carey says:

    Jess, I love your colors and your style. The only thing you need to add is something on your walls. And everyone knows that you are the best at what you do…so get that camera out and take some pics of landscapes, flowers, doors, architecture, that go with your color, frame it and your beautiful rooms will be finished.

  2. Cindy Hayduk says:

    Your house is so beautiful! Tony and I bought our house almost two years ago and its still not finished :) I think your are doing a GREAT job with decorating so far! Love it!! :)

  3. Shannon says:

    Jessie your house is sooo beautiful! Maybe you could add a nice floor vase with those decorative twigs coming out? Those always add character to a room. I’m a big sucker for wooden letters too :) Just some thoughts!

  4. mel avjean says:

    So beautiful! You must really enjoy living in such a gorgeous place! Love you, m

  5. Anna says:


    I didn’t realize that you were living in Lansdowne! Lori actually just told me that you sometimes attend Community Church when you are home, which is where Jason and I go. I am actually the nursery director there :)

    Glad that you found a place that you love!


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