welcome home!

I’m pretty sure more people have asked me for this post than anything else, so even though its about 8 months too late, WELCOME to my new (well kinda) home!! I bought this place back in September and have been loving the Lansdowne/Loudoun County area way more than I ever expected to! I grew up in Fairfax county just right next door but never spent much time in Loudoun County, and it turns out it is the perfect fit for me for now! My place is still a work in progress, and if any of you blog readers out there have a talent for interior design I WELCOME your help! There’s definitely still a lot to be done here, but since I had to clean the whole place from top to bottom I figured I’d take some pictures so I can finally put it on the blog!

So with out further ado, welcome to my home! This is my favorite room in the house! I love that the kitchen is open to the family room. I used to hate it in my apartment how the kitchen was so closed off and tiny, so if I had someone over we had to be in completely separate rooms if I was still working on cooking. Now its just one big space and I LOVE it! I need something on this wall, any ideas?!?
This is the living room where I get to sit and talk with the best clients in the world :0)
I need to get a much bigger canvas cluster arrangement to put on this wall since I have such little wall space (not that i’m complaining, i love all my windows) but I just love this black and white one and can’t find another spot for it! love all the curves.. coffee table, couch, chairs.. love em all! I knew I wanted a couch with a camel back, and even though it was a PAIN to get into the house, I love it now that its here! ;0) My other favorite spot in the house, my little music corner :0) So you can see how the first main level flows from one room into the next, and that door on the right is a half bath… so you enter on the ground level, then you walk up some steps (that you can see on the left) to get to this main level, then the other steps lead upstairs! and that doorway in the middle of the picture leads to my office: and THIS is where I spend the majority of my time.. my work space! 
Like I said before, you’re all invited over for a cup for hot chocolate.. or sweet tea, whatever you prefer ;0) Check back tomorrow for the upper level! Happy Friday! :0)

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  2. […] :0) Love the texture of the stone, and that door just so happens to match just about everything in my home :0) its the perfect shade of blue! I think I could have kept them in front of this door all day […]

  3. Nicku says:

    Where’s that awesome white scroll coffee table from?

  4. Julie Tennant says:


    You should try to get beautiful Willow and Bennett Brame together for a pic. They would be amazing


  5. YAYY!!!! It’s about time you showed off your gorgeous home!!!!!!

  6. Steph Daake says:

    Jessie, your home is gorgeous…congrats!!! Would u mind sharing where you got your living room coffee table? Adorable! Hope all is well

  7. Donna Smith says:

    WOW!!! Great design, great floorplan, and AMAZING decorating taste!!! Definitely looks like YOU live there!!!

  8. Beth says:

    Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous! You should do some interior design while you are at it!

  9. Jessie says:

    Thanks Steph! :0) The coffee table is from Belfort Furniture, but the designer is A.R.T. Furniture. The whole collection is great! Miss you friend!

  10. Steph Snyder says:

    Jessie! It’s gorgeous! I especially love the table in your “client room” – where is it from!?

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