sick days

When you work from home, your ‘job’ schedule looks a lot different than most. Especially with this job, I don’t have weekends off like most normal people do, and I am terrible at taking days off during the week unless someone tells me to or I schedule something. I think the only true days off I get are when I’m out of town, because if there’s a computer within reach I can usually be found responding to emails and trying to knock things off of my to-do list. The same thing applies to sick days. Yesterday and today would definitely qualify me to call work, give my boss the “i’m siiiiiiiick *cough cough*” spiel, and spend the rest of the day drowning in orange juice and tissues.  However, this past weekend I got to spend three days with an amazing couple, and the 6500+ pictures I took of them (you think i’m kidding…) are calling my name! I can’t bring myself to stay in bed when there’s work to be done, especially when it consists of looking at pretty pictures of Tim&KC! So I thought I’d share a little preview of what is coming your way soon… first up was their wedding, and I absolutely CAN.NOT.WAIT to share it with you, its one of my all time favorites for sure…
then we did some bridal portraits of miss KC: and then they got dressed up one more time for a day after session in Harpers Ferry: Happy Wednesday!

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