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Everyone ready for some new albums?! I love when a couple opts to do portrait sessions with me along with the wedding day, whether they are bridal portraits, engagement, or a day after session! However, often times a couple will end up with all these extra images that they love, but they don’t really “flow” well in the wedding album. Your wedding album is designed to tell the story of your wedding day, and putting a different portrait session into the mix just throws off the timeline and breaks the album up. A ‘companion album’ is the PERFECT solution! Its designed to be paired with the primary wedding storybook album, and still display your images in that same gorgeous classy way.

With Ashley and Scooter, they knew they wanted to be able to show off their day after and bridal session images along with their wedding pictures, but it just didn’t fit right to put them in the same book! So we created a companion album for the bridal/day after pics and I love how they both turned out and how fabulous they look together!! The wedding album is a 10×10 and the companion album is an 8×8: here are a few of my favorite spreads from their wedding album: you can click here to see their wedding post part 1 and here for part 2!
everybody remember this moment??!! if you’re new to the blog, you have GOT to check out how ridiculously amazing my couples are ;0) and over 69,000 views?!? holy cow, thats crazy! and a few favorites from their companion album! we started off with some favorite images from Ashley’s bridal sessionand ended with their day after session! click here for part 1 and here for part 2!the first and last pages of their companion album: 
As always, you can contact me for more info on albums, or go to my main wedding website and click on ‘featured albums’ to see full album spreads!

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