Jackson and Charlie Claire: 8 Months- Virginia Beach Baby Photographer

Now I KNOW you all are ready for more of this pair! It had been almost 5 months since I last saw Jackson and Charlie Claire and I was so ready to get these sweet babies back in front of my camera! Last time I saw Jax and CC, I asked you all to pray with me for Charlie, and I am so thrilled to report that her surgery went well and she is doing fabulously!! No more seizures, and she is just the sweetest smiliest girl you will meet! Because her surgery happened right around 6 months we bumped their session a little bit, and so when the day finally came I was SO excited to see these beautiful babies :0) Enjoy lots of favorites, and stay tuned in a few months for their ONE YEAR session! crazy!!

First up was their little J-Monster … look at his handsome smile! that one on the right is his model face.. clearly he knows how to work the camera! ;0) my absolute faaaaavorite!! love this one of their sweet boy! and once miss CC was finished with her lunch, she joined the party! love how she is holding her little hands! love this one of Kristin and her baby girl: pretty baby: he fills his big brother role very well :0) apparently Charlie Claire’s pink painted toes are super fascinating :0) 
Happy Monday!! :0)

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  1. Theresa DiSilvestro says:

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Julie Anderson says:

    Awesome pics!! Adorable babes and a good looking family!! So great. :)

  3. Jason Cortellini says:

    I think Jackson want’s that powder blue taken off…given a Giants jersey and then a bottle! Charlie precious as always! Soon they will both appreciate “Viva Miami” to visit their uncles at the Ritz!!!

  4. annie Rudolph says:

    Great shots!!!

  5. Amy says:

    Amazing pictures of a beautiful family!

  6. Amber Haas says:

    These pictures of the twins are great! You’ve done such a great job of capturing their little personalities. The one of Jackson looking down to Charlie Claire is ahhhh-mazing!

  7. Melissa Rusak says:

    Those are some amazing pictures! Those two babies are so freaking CUTE!

  8. Kristy Palchinsky says:

    These photos are amazing!! You captured such beautiful moments of the family.

  9. Beverly Becker says:

    I couldn’t imagine better pictures of these two beautiful babies!!! I can’t stop looking at them!

  10. Regina Armeli says:

    Beautiful pictures I don’t have a favorite they are all so perfect,plus I get to see them in person anytime I want!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rachael says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  12. KT says:

    I love these two…. so stinkin cute

  13. Patricia says:

    LOVE these !!!!
    the one of CC holding her hands is absolutely precious !!! and the one of Jax and his “model pose” is priceless :)
    You look GREAT KCN !!!
    Love you all !

  14. Nicole North says:

    Best looking babies I have ever seen! So fricken adorable and the are more and more amazing everyday!!

  15. Katie Castano says:

    KN and JN, I love the photos, they are perfect and both so precious!!! Miss and love you all

  16. Toni says:

    These pictures are amazing…now what to order!!!

  17. Jenni Edwards says:

    These pictures are amazing!!! They are two very, very beautiful babies!!!! JUST PERFECT!!!!!! Cudos to Jason and Kristin!!!!!

  18. Rachel Kirkpatrick says:

    Not sure they could get any cuter!!! I’m so happy to see C happy and smiling! AND her cute pink toes… J is an amazing big brother. :)

  19. Hercules says:

    Love the pics!! I think I have some competition in the family on cuteness…Jax and CC seem to be taking the lead

  20. Candace says:

    I love all the pictures…but I especially love that in the ones where they are together that Jackson seems to be very interested in CC :)

  21. Jessie Valentine says:

    Beautiful babies!! Such sweet pictures!!

  22. Dan says:

    omggg SO CUTE! love the pic of the whole fam together!!! thanks for sharing.

  23. Angela says:

    these pics are BEAUTIFUL!! jax and C are naturals! such great work.

  24. Stacey Doebert says:

    Love these pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them!

  25. Michelle Grembowitz says:

    Adorable! ALL these are my favorites! I can’t believe that they were fussy at all prior to the photos! The Norths are simply the most beautiful family! Love you guys!

  26. Danielle says:

    Love them! These turned out so well….J cracks me up and C is just too sweet!

  27. Sally Jennings says:

    ALL the pictures bring a smile to my face…I especially like big brother Jax watching over his little sister…something tells me this will always be!

  28. Angie Noe says:

    The pictures are just adorable!!! It’s hard to capture one baby, at times, let alone 2 at the same time!! Just amazing pictures!!

  29. Heaven says:

    Love love love these pictures, especially the black and white one of CC holding her hands =)

  30. anna sofia says:

    These pictures are absolutley gorgeous! Not sure which is better the first set you took of them or this one!

  31. Sue Taylor says:

    Beautiful photos of such precious babies! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  32. Carol C. says:

    Love the checking out of the pink toenails. Gotta love a guy who already appreciates the work women go through to look beautiful!

  33. Maryanne Fiorella says:

    What beautiful babies! Love the shot of Jackson looking down at Charlie Claire! He is definitely filling the role of “big brother”. Jessica, you capture the love this family has for each other perfectly!

  34. Tracy North..aka Mimi says:

    Once again Jessica, beautiful pictures….and like the grandfathers said….the most beautiful babies in the world!!

  35. Hope Poulter says:

    The pictures are ADORABLE!

  36. Janet kneisel says:

    These pictures are absolutely precious! I love the ones Jackson and Charlie Claire together. Jessica, your work is just beautiful!

  37. Kim Peterson says:

    amazing pictures of beautiful babies. Thank you for such great work.

  38. These pix are adorable!!!!!!!!!

  39. Charlie Cortellini says:

    I’m with Jim!! I know they are my grandchildren but they are the best looking babies inthe whole -wide world!!! Jessica, you are awesome!!

  40. Emily North Catron says:

    These pictures of Jackson and Charlie Claire are adorable! Loved the shots of the two of them together and Jackson’s “model pose”!

  41. Lindsey La Roche says:

    Great Pictures of the Jackson and Charlie! They are so cute!

  42. Jim North says:

    I maybe a bias Grandfather but these photos are just better each round. Thank you Jessica for capturing these precious moments.

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