cowboy vaca 2011!

I’ve always had a feeling if I ever made it out to the western part of the country, I’d have a hard time turning around! The whole concept of no humidity in itself is enough to send me running from Virginia! So when my extended family decided on Steamboat Springs in Colorado as the place for our big reunion trip this summer I was sold! Steamboat is this adorable little cowboy town and I’m hooked. The mountains, the cool breeze.. and the family. This is the first time in about 6 ¬†years that the majority of my family has been in the same place at the same time, and its a minor miracle we all made it here! So needless to say this week I am soaking up all the sweet family time I can get, giving my amazing godkids as many kisses as their little cheeks can handle, and i’m on the lookout for a cowboy with a ranch so I never have to leave :0)

I’m determined to take as many pictures this week as possible, since who knows when this many of us will be together again, and so for starters I will leave you with one of my new favorite pictures: my godson Tanner with his great-grandpa Sonny :0) Happy Wednesday!

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  2. Beverly says:

    Hope you are resting and enjoying your time withe family!! :) Would you recommend heading out West for a honeymoon?! :)

  3. Jen says:

    Oh, Jessie – I can’t agree with you more on the humidity! When Matt took me to Vegas for my 30th birthday, we found out that it’s not our kind of thing… but the weather sure is! Enjoy your time with family, and good luck with finding that cowboy!! <3

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