colorado dreamin’- Part 1

I am still smiling from my time with my family in Steamboat Springs, CO last month! My family could not be more spread out, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, California, Colorado.. so everyone being in one place happens VERY rarely. With the exception of my cousin Ty and my stepdad, everyone in my immediate family was able to take the week off and meet for some time together in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. We came with no agenda or plans, and spent the week with plenty of good food, shopping, hiking, horseback riding, singing, laughing, and enjoying the beautiful scenery, weather, and great company. I’m so thankful that everyone made the effort to be there, I know it wasn’t easy for a lot of people and involved a LOT of traveling, but I really enjoyed every minute with my family and am grateful for the time we were able to spend together!

So, where are we going next summer? ;0)

For most of our family it was their first time meeting two of my godkids Riley and Tanner, which is crazy considering Riley just turned 4! She bonded with everyone, especially my mom, within about 5 minutes of walking through the door though :0) For most of our family, this was their first time meeting Tanner, and Riley too for that matter! I love these pictures of Tanner with my grandpa, all the kids in our family always bond with him right away it seems: clearly he loves it when i take his picture ;0)Riley is SUCH a little lovebug, she would crawl up on just about everyones lap and wrap her arms around them! like i said, Riley and my mama were good buddies for the week ;0) ready to rumble, as always ;0) ooh man i could seriously get used to seeing this on a daily basis: one afternoon a big group of us went horseback riding, and of course i was the crazy girl who brought her camera WITH her on the ride! After about 2 minutes in and the gorgeous landscapes we saw, i would have been seriously mad at myself for NOT bringing it. How gorgeous is this?!LOVED all the aspen trees!the best attempt at getting 11 people horses in one picture ;0) 
I’ve got one more post coming on Monday from our trip, so make sure you stay tuned for that too! Have a great weekend!

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  2. Mom says:

    What a fabulous time in a such a beautiful place! I miss everyone already! Thanks for taking the camera EVERYWHERE – so nice to see it all again! xoxox

  3. Grandma says:

    What a true blessing that we all shared, and you captured.

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