colorado dreamin’ – part 2

As everyone was saying what they wanted to do for the week, I only had one thing I knew I wanted to do: take LOTS of pictures! Usually I’m really good about leaving my camera behind when I’m on vacation (unless that vacation is to Italy– then it comes with me EVERYWHERE!) but I knew that this would probably be my only opportunity for a while to get pictures of everyone together, so whether we were just hanging out around the house or doing something fun, I wanted to document all the in between moments too. I even got the whole crown to dress up for me one night so we could do some more formal family pictures, so this post is full of lots of those pictures and some of the more ‘posed’ shots I got throughout the week. Let me introduce you to my wonderful family…

this little guy you’ve met before, my godson Tanner! Is this not the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?! :0) love those eyelashes: Tanner has learned the art of sword fighting pretty early on.. guess thats what happens when you have a 6 year old brother! :0) peek-a-boo! :0) sweet goddaughter Riley: two of my favorite people, grandpa and grandma:i was so excited to get a nice picture with my cousin Laura, since usually when I visit her its just me her and the kids, and lord knows I’m not handing my camera over to one of them! ;0)
my aunt Melanie and her new family who most of us got to meet for the first time! Mel and Jeff were married last year with just his two kids Maddie and Zach there, so this summer they brought both of their families together for this vacation so we could all get to know each other :0) Mel and Jeff, and my aunt Lisa and uncle Tom: my mom and her two sisters: I’m pretty sure my brother is standing on his tiptoes.. he can’t be THAT much taller than the rest of us.. can he?!? yikes! Jeff’s mom Ruth and her husband Richie are on the left and the couple on the right is Ruth’s sister Jean and her husband Joel:Steve and Lisa and their son Cameron:
those two on the left are best buds :0) and how adorable is that picture of Tanner with his mama?!? these two are two of my favorite images I took all week! So glad that Bobby could take off work for the week and be there too! love these ones of him with his kiddos :0) love my sweet Riley girl :0) I tried all week to get a shot of me with my three godkids… aaand that one on the right is about as close as I got! :0) I still love it though!4 generations: literally EVERYwhere we went Riley would say “but is Nonnie coming?! Where’s Nonnie, I can’t see her! Is she coming with us?!” :0) this girl is a big fan of her Nonnie!how cute is she in her cowgirl hat?!one more of the 4 generations: 
Love you all! Miss you already! :0)

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  1. Jennifer Kalkstein says:

    wow your work is beautiful! I am trying to get an email to you to contact you for a possible wedding of mine but outlook won’t work on my computer. could you please email me at my address for another way to contact you. Thanks so much. Love your work

  2. Heidi says:

    I can’t handle how cute Tanner looks in those overalls and cowboy boots. Looks like you all had a great time together!

  3. Ant Lis says:

    Wow! Thanks, Jessie. What a treat!

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