McCawley’s Visit 2011

I think everyone wishes they had a friend as close as my mom and Ingrid are. They have been close friends since they were in middle school and still make time to talk and see each other as often as they can. Last time we got to see their family was for a day over christmas break when they came up to visit other family members in the area, but this time we got them all week!  We made trips to play lazar tag, to the spy museum, spent lots of time in the pool, had Harry Potter marathons each night, rocked out in the car to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber (okay, well the girls and i did anyway!), and most importantly celebrated my mom’s birthday! The McCawley family are some of my absolute favorite people to spend time with, and if it were up to me we’d have weeks like this one every month! :0) Florida and Virginia are just a little too far away in my opinion! Ingrid, PD, Amanda, Sarah, and Katie thank you thank you THANK YOU for coming to spend time with us and for being so wonderful! I loved every minute with you guys and can’t wait to do it all again soon! :0)

Even though I have PLENTY  of old pictures of mom and Ingrid together, and some super cute ones of the kids when they were tiny, I thought I’d be kind and leave those off the blog (for now anyway… ;0) ) but I’d start with one of my all time favorite pictures of me and Ingrid from about 20+ years ago:
and my favorite one from our disney girls weekend back in October 2009: Lauren and Katie got along so fabulously, and apparently they each still ask about the other one now almost two years later! So as soon as I found out that Katie was coming to VA, I knew I had to get the girls together again!this was one of the best weeks at Disney with the girls! i would do it all over again in a heartbeat :0) and not surprisingly at all, almost two years later Katie and Lauren were excited to see each other again! I had all four girls over one night for a sleepover, and these two were rockin’ some major bedhead the next morning! it was too cute not to snap a picture ;0) what sleepover is complete without a princess fort?! The McCawley’s were here over my mom’s birthday, so while Ingrid took her out for the afternoon the girls and I worked hard making her cake! (to anyone that consumed this cake, i promise the following picture was taken AFTER the cake was in the oven ;0) ) the best part of baking: along with the cake, there was another little surprise waiting for then when they got home… :0) clearly kevin missed the memo that silly string should be shot from far away… she was just a liiiiittle outnumbered ;0) ha! i love this picture :0) apparently PD and Katie take this silly string business VERY seriously! since they were leaving the next morning we did a couple quick pictures before Mom’s birthday dinner: HA! So typical :0) these two have some of the best/funniest pictures together :0) much better :0)
We found one picture of Mom and Ingrid that was taken when they were 15, which is how old Kevin and PD are now! love this family so much! three of my favorite girlies: what birthday is complete with out cowboy party hats?! or in PD’s case, LOTS of party hats! ha! 
Love you guys! Come back again soon! :0)

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  2. Mom says:

    Loved every minute! Thanks for capturing some of the fun Jess!

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