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One of my first missions when I moved to Leesburg was to find a church that I loved; that felt like HOME. I was always so jealous of my friends in college that had a home church that they were involved with, and where they were known. Where they walk through the door and recognize familiar faces. Where they know the senior pastors, and the kids in the nursery. Throughout college I attended some great churches, but none that were really mine. I knew that had to change now. I needed one that I could be committed to and was excited to throw myself into the community. Once again, my God has COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations.

I have a church that I love. I have a church that challenges me. That makes me feel welcome. That includes me in activities. That lets me get up on stage with the band every week and help lead the congregation in worship. That reaches out and gets involved in the community. That goes out of the way to introduce me to new people. That teaches me more about Christ, and what it means to live a life that reflects Him. I have a church that I’m proud to call mine, and it reminds me of home… in more ways than one.

It sits right across Rt 7 from my house, and you can see the steeple of the church above the trees pretty far down on Rt 7 as you’re driving towards my place. Its become what I look for to let me know that I’m almost home. Lord knows the traffic on Rt 7 can be miserable and of course it always seems to back up riiiight before my exit, but I know as soon as I see the steeple that means I’m close, I’m almost home, and I can’t think of any better symbol to put a smile on my face and remind of home.

I’m so thankful to finally have a church that feels like home:

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