Craig and Abby- Williamsburg VA Wedding Photographer

As Heidi and I drove away from Craig and Abby’s Wedding last weekend, we were talking about not only what a great day it had been, but about what an impression Craig and Abby’s family and friends had left on us. I don’t think the people in Craig and Abby’s lives could love them anymore or speak more highly of them. All day long people were commenting on how you would never find a more perfect, loving, deserving, and selfless couple than Abby and Craig. Hearing all 18 of Abby’s small group girls pray for her before she walked down the aisle and each one say how important Abby had made them feel, and how much she had given them THEM spoke volumes. Craig had past students he had taught, younglife guys he had walked with, and years worth of great friends from school all that could not wait to celebrate Craig and his marriage to Abby. The impact that Craig and Abby have had separately up until now has been incredible, and I can only imagine what they will be able to accomplish for the Lord now that they have been brought together! I don’t think anyone could wish for nicer things to be said about them than the things their family and friends blessed them with on their wedding day, and it was such a privilege to witness it all!

Craig and Abby, thank you for loving the people in your lives so well, and for doing it all in the name of the Lord! I could not be more excited for you both and what this next chapter holds for you now as husband and wife! Thank you THANK YOU for letting me celebrate with you both!

I absolutely ADORED Abby’s dress; it suited her so perfectly! We had just a few issues with the weather, and at this point in the day it was officially pouring outside forcing us into plan B for their first look! Thankfully there was this gazebo right around the corner that served as a great backdrop for Craig and Abby to have a moment to themselves :0) love this one from their first look :0) and i love that you can see the rain behind them! I think its SO important for every couple to have a moment just for the two of them on their wedding day, and so often when they wait to see each other after the ceremony, the rest of the day flies by so fast and the pace moves so quickly that it hardly ever happens! This is one of my absolute favorite moments from their wedding day :0) We stayed and took advantage of the (slightly) dry spot for a few minutes before heading to the ceremony.. love these next few: thankfully no dresses or tuxes were harmed in the making of these photos ;0)Since Abby’s small group girls mean the world to her, she asked them all to be honorary bridesmaids! So before the ceremony we took some time to get pictures of her with her precious girls:
Isn’t Abby the most stunning bride?!
apparently right when Abby started waking down the aisle, that was the moment the flower girl just HAD to talk to Craig ;0) I love how he wasn’t fazed by anything and his eyes stayed fixed on his bride: My absolute favorite ceremony shot! I love the gorgeous jewel tones in the window, and Craig and Abby taking communion together:
husband&wife! even though it was still raining we managed to squeeze in a few more portraits before the reception: LOVE the one on the left :0) first dance sweetness :0) ha! this one from Jared’s toast cracks me up :0) they had QUITE the exit! :0) Hope you had a fabulous time on your honeymoon! Here’s your slideshow :0)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Brendan says:

    Reynolds, you have some pensive looks in some of those shots.. You every think of modeling for GQ?
    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds!

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