Dan and Amber- Rock Hill Plantation House Wedding Photographer

From the moment I met Dan and Amber I knew they were people I was going to enjoy being around. They both seemed like the most relaxed, easy going people, and when you’ve been in the wedding industry for a while you realize that all couples are definitely not like that. Dan and Amber were a breath of fresh air as soon as they walked into my home, and as we sat and got to know each other it became so clear that they had their heads and hearts in the right place, and were just looking forward to the day they could marry their best friend and celebrate with all of their favorite people. They had booked the gorgeous Rock Hill Plantation for their venue and as long as they got to marry each other at the end of the day and had a bunch of images they loved to fill their home with, they would be happy. I was SOLD!! :0) Dan and Amber had the perfect day for their wedding, complete with blue skies and a cooler air temperature (thanks to the rain that had poured down earlier that morning), especially considering it was the middle of August! I was overwhelmed by how gorgeous Rock Hill Plantation was and could have stayed there all day photographing these two… or sitting on a rocking chair on the back porch watching the horses and goats in the back yard.. ya know, either one would work for me ;0) Dan and Amber, thank you SO much for allowing Heidi and I to celebrate with you both! I so enjoyed getting to spend the day with you  and I couldn’t be happier for you both! :0)

Rock Hill was the perfect combination of elegance and rustic charm! Which made me a VERY happy photographer :0) I would highly recommend it to any couple looking for a venue in the Fredericksburg/Stafford area!! Have I mentioned lately how much I adore when a couple opts for a first look? well i DO! ;0) love these first few portraits as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day: one day I hope to have a porch like this at my house.. AND look that fabulous in a wedding dress :0) Amber, you are so beautiful!! one of my favorite spots on the property! absolutely love that one on the left!! of course we had to get the goats in the background of a few of their pictures ;0) I usually run around to the back of the aisle pretty quick after the bride gets to the front so I’m not in the way or a distraction, but i love this one I was able to catch really quick of Amber’s dad giving her away! doesn’t he look so happy?! :0) pretty blue skies! love that the guys all wore different ties! aren’t Amber’s flowers gorgeous?! ha! Dan looks a little more trusting in this moment than Amber does… ;0) This family of 7 (yes, that cute little blonde girl in the bottom of the picture is included!) completely made my day! They were the life of the party and you could tell they were having the best time together just dancing and enjoying each others company! I’m convinced the parents should write a book on raising awesome kids ;0) i have a lot of fun pictures from the reception, but this one of them all running at me just had to go up on the blog ;0) love this sweet moment from Dan and Amber’s first dance: Hope you had a nice relaxing honeymoon! Here’s your slideshow! :0)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Deborah Marsh says:

    Simply Beautiful !!! Thank you Jessica! You did a wonderful job capturing Amber and Dan’s day. The photographs are Beautiful and you did a great job making them both feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you again, Deborah Marsh

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