how to succeed

He didn’t Expecto Patronum, Stupify, or Expelliarmus anyone. There were no glasses, and no lighting shaped scar. Instead he was wearing a bright blue bow-tie, slicked back hair, and saving the business world one sly smile at a time.

I’ve been dying to see Daniel Radcliffe in the revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying since I saw him perform on the Tony Awards, so this weekend my mom and I made quick overnight trip to NYC before he leaves the show at the end of the year. I’ve always loved broadway shows and feel like I have fairly high standards when it comes to the performances, and Daniel Radcliffe absolutely blew me away. I didn’t know much about the show going into it, but I laughed from beginning to end and LOVED seeing him in something COMPLETELY different from his signature role. Who knew Harry Potter was so hilarious? Who knew Harry Potter could DANCE?!? If you have a chance to get up there to see it before he leaves, go go GO! Dan + John Larroquette = Magic :0)

It was a super quick trip, but still filled with good ole Time Square, exploring all 192083 levels of Macy’s, getting run over by thousands of skateboarders on some sort of protest, and and being overwhelmed as always by what a different world that city is. Oh! and look who is coming to the theater right NEXT to H2$… you think Harry and Snape will be hanging out before each of their shows?? ;0)

watch.. and be amazed! ;0)

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  1. mel avjean says:

    Ha! That was awesome! I love him! So I am guessing that you and your mama had big fun in the big apple! Can’t wait to see you and your new place:) xoxox~m

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