The Brame Family: One Year! – Newport News Family Photographer

I’m in denial. I just can’t believe that Bennett is already ONE. I’m pretty sure it was just a month or two ago that I was taking Brooke’s ’embrace the belly’ photos and yet somehow, we ended this last portrait session with a “Happy Birthday!” cake for sweet Bennett. I always look forward to spending time with their family, whether its for pictures or just visiting, and I’m so thankful to say that they have become some of my dearest friends over this past year and half! Jack and Bennett are two of my favorite little guys to photograph; it always takes me WAY too long to narrow down my favorites, because between Bennett’s bright blue eyes and Jack’s handsome smile, I love every single image! Brooke put so much thought and effort into this session to make it just a little different from our other sessions (make sure you go back and check them all out again! Here’s Jack’s Two Year pictures, Brooke’s ’embrace the belly’ photos, Bennett’s Newborn session, Four Months, and Eight Months) and I think I have enough images that I LOVE to fill my entire website with only pictures of this beautiful family :0)

Alex and Brooke, thank you don’t seem to begin to cover it! Thank you for welcoming me into your home time and time again, thank you for sharing your precious boys with me, and thank you for your friendship! I couldn’t adore your family any more, and I’m already counting down until I can get your family in front of my camera again :0)

We started things off with the boys snuggling bouncing on Brooke and Alex’s bed: 
then headed down to Hilton Village for a little while! It was an unusually cold/windy day, but the boys did so great and gave me plenty of those handsome smiles anyway :0)apparently chalkboards are pretty tasty if you’re 1! one of my favorites! but i love it even more when you pair it with the image below it :0) I sat and laughed at this image for so long the first time I saw it! Bennett  looks like he’s having the time of his life and Jack’s like “yeah yeah, when is it MY turn again?!?” :0) So funny!! so then we tried a little different approach :0) love it!!! Seriously, I don’t think they could get any more adorable! Alex and Brooke, you guys make some REALLY cute babies :0)
baby blues: then we headed down towards the water for a few more pictures before it got too cold… this next shot made me laugh too :0) Jack and Bennett are such water babies, even though their little hands were so cold they were all smiles and couldn’t get enough of the sand and water! then it was CAKE TIME! :0) don’t worry, Bennett decided to share his birthday cake with his big brother… Jack on the other hand took a little bit of convincing to share a bite with Bennett :0)
Happy Birthday Bennett!! 
Happy Wednesday!!

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  2. Holly Aber says:

    Beautiful! Those boys are so stinkin adorable! Just perfect!

  3. Carmaleta says:

    I love these!!
    My favorite is the one where dad is holding one of them upside down!! Awesome!

  4. Brooke Brame says:

    Jessie, I think I can speak on behalf of my entire family when I say, “We are so blessed to have your friendship.” This past year has flown by-and you have an amazing gift to capture the special moments that I will cherish forever. Until next time..

  5. Julie Tennant says:

    I love them all, but the Bennett frame is adorable !!!!!! of course the upside down Jackson.

    My boys !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. holly says:

    Awesome fun family pictures! Brooke’s short hair is adorable!!

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