Nathan and Evelyn- Stevenson Ridge Wedding Photographer

Ever been in a place where you just cannot find the words to speak (or type), but not for the lack of things to say? My mind is spinning full of memories, thoughts, and word to fill this post with, and I just cannot find a place to start. When I think back on my most favorite memories, 99% of the time, they included Evelyn. The times I’ve learned the most, they include Evelyn. The times I’ve laughed to the point of tears, they include Evelyn. The times I’ve been completely overwhelmed and humbled by the Spirit of God, they include Evelyn.

Evelyn was one of the very first people I met as a freshman at CNU, and she has played a huge role in shaping my life since that moment. She was one of the very first people who showed me what it looked like to have a relationship with the Lord, and has always been someone that was a great source of encouragement and accountability for me. She’s the kind of friend that everyone needs. Whether she was helping me prepare my Young Life club talk or shouting embarrassing things at me out of our apartment window as I crossed the crowded street going to class, I could always count on Evelyn to make my day a little more eventful :0)

I still remember the first time Nathan visited Ev at CNU, and how completely impressed we all were with him. In one weekend I think she introduced him to about 91028314 of her closest friends, which I think could overwhelm just about anyone, but Nathan just seemed so excited to meet all these people who were important to her, because SHE was important to him. Nathan loves Evelyn so well, and it makes me so happy to see how well he cares for her and how joyful she is when she’s around him. I couldn’t have hand picked anyone better suited for her, and it brought tears to my eyes to stand up beside the two of them this past weekend as they said their vows and promised to love one another through every circumstance.

Nathan and Evelyn, I cant express to you how thankful I am for your friendship and how much it meant to me that you asked me to be a bridesmaid and stand up there with you. I pray that you know that the Lord is for you. He is for your marriage, your success, and your joy. Know that your friends and family are for you, and are praying you have a lifetime full of laughter, joy, and experiences that draw you closer to the Lord on a daily basis.  I’m so proud of you  both! :0) Hope you are enjoying every moment of your honeymoon! :0)

Evelyn and her family put the bouquets and boutonnieres together themselves! i LOVE how they turned out :0) love her smile :0) one of my favorites:
aaaand there’s the girl we all know and love ;0) such a gorgeous bride: waiting for his girl: ha i love this! in between poses I turned around to see Nathan pulling out his phone, guess he just had to take his own picture of his gorgeous bride :0) I could have walked around taking pictures of Ev and Nathan all afternoon, Stevenson Ridge is such a beautiful venue! love everything about this: i know these next three are all similar, but i love them ALL :0) Ev, you are stunning! it makes me SO joyful to see my friends so happy :0) one, two, skip a few, and they’re  married! :0) another big thank you to Katelyn for helping out with pictures so I could stand up front next to Evelyn as her bridesmaid :0) make sure you check Katelyn’s blog for her pictures from the day! anyway, i’m not sure what is happening in this next picture, but it makes me smile every time i see it! one of my favorite first dance pictures EVER! :0) it has always been so clear to me what a special relationship Evelyn has with her dad, and he just looked SO proud of his girl all day long: 
and thank you to Katelyn for one of my absolute favorite pictures from the day :0)
hope you are having the best time on your honeymoon! here’s a little slideshow with a few more favorites :0) love you guys!

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  1. mel avjean says:

    Jess, this may be my favorite blog yet. Evelyn and Nathan look so beautiful and happy. Your encouraging words in your blog are beautiful and moving. What a joy.

  2. rachel says:

    great pictures. I love the one of the two of you. I remember when Evelyn watched the kids at PCC. What a sweet lady and beautiful pictures. Looks like it was a special day. Jessie, I always love looking at your pictures

  3. evelyn says:

    jessie, thank you. thank you. thank you. these make me smile so much! i can’t wait to see all of them and figure out which ones to put up in our new house! i love you and am so thankful that you got to stand up there with me.

  4. helen says:

    Looz!!! You are and have always been the beautiful one!! I am so filled with joy for you and Nathan. Jess, thank you for capturing the moments which made this terrific day. :-)

  5. beverly waller says:

    I loved that you posted our ev in the real light :) This post shows so much of their personality!! I love it! Praise the Lord for another beautiful marriage amongst our friends!!

  6. Mom says:

    Evelyn you are a stunning bride! Congratulations to you both! Jessie – beautiful pictures!

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