Preut & Rayford Family- Fredericksburg VA Family Photographer

Is it really Monday again already?! I feel like it comes faster every week! I’m still in full swing of my busy season, and photographed two beautiful weddings this weekend that I can’t wait to share with you, but first up this week are the Preut and Rayford families! Rochelle and David welcomed baby Ellie about 5 weeks ago into their family, and needed some pictures of her while she’s still super tiny, and we decided to include Rochelle’s sister Keri and her family in the session too since they live in the same area! Ellie, Landon, and Lacie are going to LOVE getting to grow up so close to each other! I only ever got to see my cousins around the holidays but it was always the best part! Thanks for spending the morning with me and letting me photograph your beautiful families! Hope to see you guys again soon! :0)

Ellie has such a sweet little smile! Lacie is at the PERFECT age for baby pictures! She was so full of smiles the entire time! LOVE these next two!! how fun are these next two?? Landon was full of cool tricks! :0) this moment took a lot of coordination, convincing, and lollipops, but it was TOTALLY worth it! my favorite: We wanted to make sure Rochelle and Keri’s mom was included for a few pictures with her sweet grand-babies: it was starting to get a little chilly at this point, but Ellie was so patient letting us taking a few more pictures of her outside! love how these turned out :0) i know these next few are pretty similar, but i love them all so i’m posting them all because I CAN ;0) Aaron and Keri told me they had never done any done any pictures of the two of them, so I had to make sure we fit a few of those in at the end :0) 
Happy Monday!

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  1. evelyn says:

    i love these jessie! ellie for real has the best smile ever, and how cute is that brother and sister holding each other! great job jessie! i know nathan’s mom is going to be jealous of the grammy shot :)

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