Fright Night!

Okay get ready for something TOTALLY different than you’ve ever seen on the blog before!! Fright Night is an event that my church‘s youth program Fire Escape puts on every year and when I first volunteered to come take pictures I had absolutely no idea what a huge production this is! I think the first night I was there they had almost 1200 people come through! Just in one night! They do such a great job that it draws out a huge crowd every year. Everyone that makes this event happen are volunteers; the kids acting on the trail, the people selling concessions, the people doing makeup and costumes.. everyone!  AND this year they had the addition of SNOW! They sat out on that trail for hours scaring the heck out of everyone that came through and gave 100% every night! I was really proud every time I walked through the trail doing pictures and saw what a great job they were doing. If you missed it this year, you better plan ahead for next year!

One of my favorite things about Fright Night is that even though it only takes about 30 minutes to go through the trail, kids will hang out there ALL night. It becomes the cool place to hang out with huge bonfires, paint ball (where you can shoot at live targets), dance parties, and different contests throughout the night. Its pretty awesome to me that THIS is where they want to hang out all weekend. I think it says something awesome about the church when they put on events that draw out thousands of people, and can give especially teenagers a place like this to hang out all weekend long.

SO, are you ready for a little tour through Fright Night?? :0) Keep in mind this is only a few of my favorite pictures and scenes, there’s still SO much more I’m not putting on the blog so there will be surprises for you all when you go to FN next year :0) While you were waiting for your group to be called to go out on the trail, you could hang out in the tent or right here:then they would go over the rules with you in the holding area when your group was up: then it was go time! aaaaand pretty much right away you wanted to turn around and go back to the bonfire!!! how scary is this guy?!? this room is pretty much pitch black, except for the fog and crazy strobe light! one night I got to hide throughout the trail and take pictures of kids going through all the different scenes… BEST NIGHT EVER! :0) it was somewhat impossible getting good shots since it was completely dark, BUT i love how crazy some of these turned out anyway :0) yep, that would creep me out for sure!what is it about clowns that are so freaky? i’ve never liked them, always thought they were scary, and this scene definitely confirmed that! Yes, I know I’m a wuss to begin with when it comes to being scared. Yes, I know its just a costume. Yes, I know Joseph is one of the most awesome guys ever….. but these next two pictures will ALWAYS creep me out… and i mean that in the best way possible, of course :0) nightmares. seriously.
and apparently i’m not the only one who thinks so! these guys got somewhat turned around and ended up a little too up close and personal when I was trying to take pictures, but Mr. Creepiest Clown Ever managed to get rid of them for me somehow ;0) you want to walk through there? nope, me neither.  see that coffin in the picture above? this scene is pretty narrow, and that coffin just so happened to be empty the night I was taking pictures on the trail, aaaand ended up being the only spot I could get a good shot…  pretty sure this will be the  ONLY occasion I climb into a coffin to take pictures, but these next few shots were totally worth it :0) ha! love it! i feel like I’d probably have the same reaction as this girl if he came at me with a chain saw…
umm SO GROSS!! and yes, that is all most definitely real. 
You all did such a great job! See you guys again next year! :0)

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