Meet Jillian- Fredericksburg VA Newborn Photographer

I’m so excited to introduce you all to baby Jillian! Matt and Dani’s sweet baby girl made her appearance a couple of weeks ago, and I was dying to meet her as soon as I saw that first little picture they put up on facebook :0) Dani must have seen it in my face because as soon as we finished doing pictures she looked at me and said “you want to snuggle her before you leave?” and I threw my camera bag back down REAL quick! I love that my clients share their babies with me; I could have held Jillian all afternoon! I’ve learned that I have to wait until AFTER i take the pictures though, because I have a veeeery hard time putting them back down once I’ve picked them up ;0) Prepare yourself for the cutest little nose and most perfect baby lips you’ve ever seen… seriously :0) Can’t wait to see you guys again in a few months! Oh my heavens, can you please look at that face she is giving Matt tin the picture on the left?! That sweet little “Who, me?” face!!?? Matt, you are going to be in TROUBLE when she gets older! :0)seriously, most perfect little lips I’ve seen! this fun little chair arrived just before out session, and I think it will be fun to get a shot of Jillian sitting in it at each of the sessions this first year! :0) pretty baby: how cute is her little hat?! oh man, I think you could go crazy on etsy finding fun little things like that! tiny toes: 
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. […] and between the two she’s a pretty happy baby. You can go back and see her newborn pictures here and get excited to see her AGAIN on the blog in another 4 months! :) Happy viewing! […]

  2. Jessica Gourley says:

    I could basically pee in my pants I’m so excited. This is the cutest, most wonderful, fabulous, most adorable thing EVER. Jessie, you’re amazing. Matt & Dani (aka tripod)- YOU MADE THE CUTEST BABY EVER! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    But seriously Jessie, YOU’RE RIGHT: cutest. baby. lips. and. nose. EVER. She is so stinking beautiful! I also could snuggle her all day, every day!

    Great work, as always! Can’t wait til 3 months! :)

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