Meet Julia and Charlie- Leesburg VA Family Photographer

Happy Monday, my wonderful blog readers! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for LOTS of photo goodness on the blog this week :0) I’m actually in California visiting my sweet friend Michelle AND my beautiful godkids this week, but there will still be new posts coming your way! First up, I’d like to introduce you to three year old Julia and her baby brother Charlie! They got to take advantage of the last little bit of snow that was left over from last weekend’s bizarre weather, and Julia was in heaven finding all the spots that were still covered in snow! She is one of the smartest, most talkative little girls I’ve met and was so easy to shoot since she was perfectly happy playing in the snow! The trick to getting the real smiles is to make it fun for the kids; if they’re having fun, they will dish out those beautiful smiles :0) She even agreed to give her sweet baby brother a kiss or two for me :0) Enjoy lots of favorites! Happy Monday! look at his sweet face!! love the bear hat and his little smile :0) such a happy baby :0) kids at this age never quite know what to think of my huge camera in their face, but sometimes these kind of expressions end up being my favorites :0) this next one is my favorite of Julia: I think she would have danced with her dad the whole time if she could have :0) I’m going to be so sad when all of those gorgeous leaves fall off the trees! I love being able to get shots like this in the fall :0) 
Have a great week, friends! :0)

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