Danny and Jenny: Part 2 – Fredericksburg VA Wedding Photographer

Are you excited for part 2?!? :0) Danny and Jenny had a gorgeous reception that included a traditional Korean ceremony, so I just had too many pictures to share to fit in one post! This was the first time I’d ever seen a korean ceremony and it was so beautiful, full of special traditions that honor the couples parents and family members. So on that note, I’ll just get right to the pictures! :0)

Since Jenny and Danny were such good spots and let me do pictures outside for a few minutes, I figured I’d let them sit by the fire inside to warm back up :0) A couple big windows and a happy bride and groom are all i need! :0)
and now onto the reception! their friends gave some beautiful toasts: and then they got everything set up for the next ceremony! The objective here is for Jenny and Danny to try and catch as many dates and chestnuts as they can, representing fertility and children… what can i say, i think their parents are hoping for LOTS of grandkids ;0) then it was back into the original attire for some cake and dancing! :0) love the movement of Jenny’s dress in that shot on the left! 
Hope you’re having the best time in Hawaii! Here’s your slideshow! :0)

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  1. Erica says:

    Great job Jessie!!!! I love the Korean ceremony pictures!!!

  2. Lindsay Perrell says:

    Love the colors and details of the Korean ceremony

  3. Catherine says:

    Jenny! You look absolutely stunning! Congrats to you and Danny, wishing you a long life of love and happiness =DDD

  4. Lilian says:

    Beautiful job Jessie! Congratulations again to Danny & Jenny~! :D

  5. Oppa says:

    What a cute couple and a truly memorable event! Thanks for sharing such great photos.

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